Flurry Base Pve Build (Lancea)

Mar 04 2015
- Changed comments on Hornet's Touch,
- Added info about Spinning Cut Down EX range.
- Changed the wording on Spinning Swing EX.

Mar 01 2015
- Changed the skill naming on skill tree image to the exact name of DN SEA.
--- Spinning Cut/ Spinning Cut Down is still to be confused because in EX it's written "Spinning Cut Down", while the one in Piercer tree is written "Spinning Cut"
--- I believe "Flash Rift" is actually engrish and change it to "Flash Lift"
--- "Wall Maker" is most likely engrish too, but I'm not gonna bother change it to "Will Maker"


Default unlocked :
- Half cutting
- Flash Lift
- Probe
- Push Kick
- Deep Pierce
- Tumble

Unlock :
Headbutt (1 SP)
Cross Cutter (3 SP)
Counter Spin (1 SP)
Flee (1 SP)
Aerial Evasion (1SP)
Physical Mastery (1 SP)
Mental Mastery (1 SP)
Mind Conquer (1 SP)

Hornet's Touch (3 SP)
Harmonize (0 SP)
Total : 13 SP

Level  up :
Tumble Lv5 (+4 SP)
Cross Cutter Lv11 (+10 SP)
Flee Lv5 (+4 SP)
Aerial Evasion Lv4 (+3 SP)
Physical Mastery Lv7 (+6 SP)
Mental Mastery Lv7 (+6 SP)
Mind Conquer Lv6 (+ 5 SP)
Total : 38 SP

0 sec CD skills. Great for mobility and triggering vulnerability status.

Cross Cutter
The most damaging physical attack skill in base Lencea tree. You'll get additional 25% board damage when you level it to level 6.
Lv 1 : 347% + 12
Lv11 : 493% + 2505
Lv21 : 639% + 23488
Lv26 : 712% + 41135

Hornet's Touch
This skill is as useful as Chaser's Burning Coal. You can cancel (with iframe) any skill as long as you are grounded by spacing spacebar. Great if your tumble is on CD.

 Shutter Bounce Lv16
Bread and butter from the Flurry tree. With 12 secs CD, this skill is spammable.
If you have a rare grade costume, you can save 1 SP by choosing Shutter Bounce from the weapon costume.
Camera can be rotated before you land the 2nd hit.
Cannot be cancelled by tumble.

Stab Screw Lv1
The base damage and damage growth doesn't make the SP spending worth it on this skill. Leave
it at level 1

Spinning Cut Down Lv16
Good damage at full charge (2633% + 132638).

Lollipop Chups Lv15+1
Great counter skill with iframe. Damage is great too (2677% + 69743).
Recommended to get +1 Lollipop Chups earring and CD heraldry for this skill.
Lv15   : Phy dmg 2401% + 52832
Lv15+1 : Phy dmg 2677% + 69743

Spinning Swing Lv13
Great damage potential with the EX (3944% + 126976).
One of the best skills to trigger Vulnerable Status because it deals 5 hits per swing. But also because of that, you may cancel/skip the right click by doing Spinning Skewer.

Fling Sky (Flurry's Ulti)
Induce Vulnerable status for 5 seconds.

Erratic Power Lv6
2-in-1 FD +55% and action speed +15% buff.
Not recommended to get the +1 Erratic Power earring, because Lv7 only gives 5% FD increase and 1% action speed increase. +1 Lollipop Chups earring is a better option.

Scar Maker Lv5+1
Recommended to get the +1 Scar Maker necklace to increase the field radius from 3m to 4m. At level 6, the attack buff potential is very close to Bringer's Healing Chakra. (45% vs 48.6%)

Will Maker Lv5+1
Recommended to get the +1 Will Maker ring to increase the field radius from 3m to 4m. At level 6, the damage reduction provided is decent(30%). Not as high as LF's Healing Chakra EX(50%), but it's better than Saint's Healing Relic EX. (20%)

Flag Lv1
Good for mobility. Increased level doesn't decrease CD. The damage is also not worthwhile. So you just need to leave it at level 1.
The fatigue generated is usually cleared when you touch the ground (assuming you are not on Erratic Power mode)

Buzz off Lv1
Counter attack when flinched, just unlock it

Rushing Blade Lv1
Good for mobility.

Spinning Skewer Lv4
Your main DPS skill.
With Vulnerable Status on target, you will deal 6963% damage on it.
You can cancel any skill with Spinning Skewer as long as you are grounded.
+1 Spinning Skewer necklace is arguable, because the difference with +1 Scar Maker necklace is very small. While the +1 Spinning Skewer necklace only benefit yourself, the +1 Scar Maker Necklace can benefit the other party members.

Rough Sweep Lv6
Getting it to level 11 is arguable because the damage increase is incredibly small (most likely bugged).
Lv 1:  948% + 14353
Lv 6 : 1161% + 27932
Lv11: 1275% + 44001
But if you have spare SP from your optional build, you can spend another 5 here.

Shutter Bounce EX
The 30% board damage increase is imbued on the 2nd hit of Shutter Bounce.

Stab Screw EX
The additional -20% critical resist debuff for 15 secs is very useful on level 80 content.

Spinning Cut Down EX
The EX allows you to release stage 3 charging damage with just stage 2 duration charging. However, the hit area will be changed from circular to frontal only. The frontal AoE for right click also have 5m range, similar to stage3 charging of left click.

Spinning Swing EX
Increases 3 total swings to 5, doubling the damage potential if you end the 5th swing with right click.

Rough Sweep EX
Doubles the distance of non-EX and creates a shockwave at the final hit of Rough Sweep. The shockwave damage can be as strong as 15%, 30%, or 100% of the main hit depending on how far you travel.
The 32 spare SP can be used to get these options :
1. More mobility/ manuverability (12 SP)
Unlocking your Sting Breezer skills until Fling Fling can give you better mobility / manuverability.
- Piercing Spike has iframe during the jump. It can also be casted in mid air, allows you to get more air time.
- Fling Fling also can be casted in mid air, and allow you to gain some distance.

2. Maxed out Headbutt or Cross Cutter (15SP)
In paper, Headbutt's DPS exceed Cross Cutter due to being 0 second CD skill.
It also works very well as Vulnerable status trigger when all other physical skills are in CD.
But because you spam it, the MP consumption could be very high.
Cross Cutter provides the highest damage in base Lencea tree. With 25% increase on board damage, the DPS is very close to Shutter Bounce EX lv16.

3. Maxed out Rough Sweep or Maxed out Shutter Bounce (5 or 3 SP)
All other skills usually have the increment from 6 to 11 similar to 1 to 6. But Rough Sweep damage increase from lv1 to lv6 is very small.
Shutter bounce also doesn't get that much of increase going from lv16 to lv19+2. But at least it's better than Rough Sweep.

4. Maxed out Stab Screw (15SP)
If you don't like any of those options above, then the rest of SP can just be dumped in Stab Screw.
But honestly, this skills damage number is so bad that even Cross Cutter can do better damage with half of the CD.

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