Skill Heraldy Lancea (Flurry Base)

1. Harmonize CD
Why not duration plate? Because 20 seconds is enough to burst on any recent content's DPS window. The buff-wiping fiesta is most likely happens before you pass the 20 seconds mark.
"But it won't sync with Genie CD!"
You can control the casting whether or not you wish to sync with Kali's Genie. But not every party (especially 4-man) have Kali in them.

2. Spinning Swing AS
Nothing much to explain here, see the video of comparison to see how much difference it can make.

3. Lollipop Chop CD
See the general notes on why damage heraldry is not preferable.

4. Spinning Skewer CD
See the general notes on why the damage heraldry is not preferrable.
With CD plate, it's possible for you to fire 1 more Spinning Skewer under Fling Sky's permanent vulnerable status in conjunction with BT.
Less CD on this skill also reduce the cases where you find the Vulnerable status already triggered, but your Spinning Skewer is still on CD.

Extra heraldry slot:
If you have the optional heraldry opened, then you may add these into the 3 slots
Stab Screw CD
You can have the -20% crit resist debuff fulltime if you keep spamming this
Fling Sky CD
Faster Fling Sky rotation = more guaranteed vulnerable status. But it's probably irrelevant if you have FU in your party, for you may want to sync them with BT.
Spinning Cut Down CD
nothing much to say here

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