Blade Waltz Update Information 2/17/2016 : Add New Combo And New Costume

Hello .
Rhythmically provocative action  Blade Waltz  GM Leah is .

Mon. 17 days ( Wed ) will be scheduled update instructions .
Please check what content is updated !

Updates guidance >

1. Add a new combo
The new Combo Combo is added to the charge .

What accounted combo ?
Of the combo button , blue button 1 pressed for more than seconds, you can use the new combo .
Combo up to 3 and charged to the stage , the impact and effect in stages, the stronger the effect .

Charge Combo preview

2. Equipment strengthen and upgrade improvements
It will modify the amount of equipment items that are used as reinforcing materials experience .
Rare 100% increase
Unique 200% increase
Legend : a 400% increase

The Act will remove restrictions on equipment upgrades !
You can also upgrade equipment when the next act is inactive .
  For example ), currently 2 10 000 Clear Act while even four possible upgrades to act over equipment
However , if the next act does not exist it can not be upgraded .

3. The postal system improvements
If you click Receive All Mail . You can find the item you receive a pop-up sequentially .

4. Boss HP deleted
Mini Boss HP will delete bars .


5. Additional equipment Set Effect
The unique and legendary equipment 2, the effect will output when wearing more than one .
A mix of unique and legendary equipment, both effects will be shown while it is worn .

Unique set of effects

Legends set effects

Unique + Legends set effects

6. New costumes added
The new costume for each character have been added .

Costumes worn Preview

7. friendships key buying points improvement
Available will be the key to improving friendship points .
Existing : friendship points 50 consumption , a key 15 dogs Purchase
Change : friendship points 50 consumption , a key 20 dogs Purchase
Add : Friendship Points 50 consumption , special keys 1 dogs Purchase

The update makes sense to add additional effects and new combo !
Besides, until a new costume !
New combo that was also used in addition to viewing pleasure and even the eyes .

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