CN Dragon Nest New Update : Boss Ice Dragon

Based on dragon-hunting storyline, Dragon Nest has many Bosses, Sea Dragon, Green Dragon, Desert Dragon, Gigantes Nest, etc. Now a new Boss Ice Dragon will debut in the fantasy world of Dragon Nest soon, giving a never-before-experienced cold dungeon for players. Meanwhile, a concept video of Ice Dragon Nest dungeon has been teased, have a peek.

Mysterious characters with blue hair

In the concept video, we can clearly see two characters with blue hair. I think one of them is the Boss Ice Dragon. I immediately flashed on Desert Dragon who also has a long hair and horn on head when seeing the girl with blue hair. But what’s the relationship between these two characters? Stay tuned when the update is released!

Multiple bosses for players to challenge

To see the true Ice Dragon is not as easy as you imagine because there are several Bosses block us in front of on the way. As we see in the video, a black lion and a red giant seem terribly powerful.

All in all, Ice Dragon Nest dungeon is well worthy of a try. The Dragon Nest's CN server will receive update in March this year, interested players don’t miss it. Team up with your mates and get ready for the battle.

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