The experience of making Defensio Skill Build for the first time this is not as difficult as it seems Ruina. Just calculate the effect of Skill Auto Repair is rather difficult, because it must use assumptions again. Later I will menjelaskanya gradual. So you have to read it slowly, so that if there was one I could quickly corrected.

Armor: AGI + VIT
Weapon + Ring: PATK + AGI
Earring + Necklace: AGI + VIT

Heraldry + Talisman
Destruction, Wind, Life Vitality, Health, Shinning (Iron Wall), Tent, Fatal dan Bear/Ultimate

potential DPS
I would make the same steps with Ruina Skill Build.

Machina Skill Tree
From the above table, I will discuss only 5 Skill of Body Check, Fly By, Knuckle Charge, Charging Gear and Pivot Gun Shot.

body Check
Same as Ruina, DPS Potential Body Check is great but you will not be possible to make this skill as an primary DPS as well.

Fly By
This skill DPS although large, most often I used to jump around or dikombo degan Knuckle Charge. After all you only need 3 Skill Point to raised this skill.

charging Gear
This passive skills have considerable potential DPS as well. Normal Hit + Charging Gear has a 5.8x damage PATK you. Similarly Body Check and Fly By, Spam Normal Hit + Charging Gear DPS is not the best choice.

Charge vs Pivot Knuckle Gun Shot
Pivot Gun Shot + Charging Gear vs Knuckle Charge. Potentially DPSnya still ahead Knuckle Charge (Fly By). So I would still choose Knuckle Charge only, well although in the end skill in Machina Tree will not be much used for DPS. Because we certainly will be more focus on Skill in Line Halil and Defensio.

Patrona Skill Tree

Can reduce the cooldown of Gear Step Skill namely Rock Away, Step Up and Foot Stomping (I gave blue). Ducking level rise will be big cuts cooldownnya. At level 6 (MAX) Step Gear cooldown is reduced by 90%.

How to activate it?
To put it simply you can press the Spacebar (jump) when using Gear Step Skill.

Final Damage buff to increase 10%. Final Damage there is not FD of Plate / Equip etc, but you Damage Put Out. Suppose one of your skill damage is 100,000 (without Buff), after using Howl Over the damage is going to be 110,000 or 1.1x damage.

This buff can eliminate the abnormal status and reduces the cooldown of skills for all active skills including Repair own. Basically it's 22 second cooldown, but if diligent use cooldownnya Repair it could be 15 seconds.

Overboost (Defence)
This buff can only be used when the number reached 30. Steam Steam you can you get from the use of Gear Step (Mastery Class I) or using a skill Overclocking. Having consumed all Steam, it would appear Buff Overboost for 160 seconds. Buffnya function is:
- Heal 16% HP
- Reset Cooldown Ducking
- Final Damage + 30%, + 15% Speed ​​Action and Defence Magic + 22%
- Reduced cooldown when Taunting Blow Gear Step used.

Calculation of Final Damage Overboost stacking with Overhowl, so when using both damage you can increase 1.4x. Ducking initially has a 5 second cooldown, but when using the Overboost will be no cooldown (always reset).

Let's discuss the potential of DPS Gear Step Skill (Rock Away, Step Up and Foot Stomping)

Rock Away + Step Up + Foot Stomping
All three belong to the Skill Gear Step (Blue Table). Potential DPSnya not too great if you just do it mediocre (Normal). When you raise Ducking MAX, then the potential of 2.5x DPSnya could rise as much. That is because you no cooldown reduction effect Gear Step Skill by 90%. Not quite got there, potentials could rise again if you are using the Overboost. The trial results, Gear Step Skill can be used every 2 seconds when the Overboost active. Spam Gear Step can help also to reduce cooldown Taunting Blow EX when Overboost On. I have plans to raise 2 Gear Step I often use that Rock Away and Step Up.

Follow Up vs Follow Through vs Flying Knee Kick vs Kidney Blow
Among the four skill, Follow Up which has the greatest potential for DPS. As for the Flying Knee Kick + Kidney Blow had differences DPS thin and Follow Through smallest DPS still has potential.

Beat Down vs Leaping Over
Both of these skills has a huge potential of DPS for rank 2 and 3. Leaping Over depends on the amount of hits, while the Down Beat has a large area of ​​attack.

Taunting Blow EX
From the name alone is using the word "Taunt". This skill can indeed mem-Provoke enemies, only I do not know if as good as Provokenya Guardian. I'm still more attracted to the potential of a very large DPSnya when Over Boost.

Kombo Skill (Enhance Command)

Step up> Leaping Over / Beat Down
Enhance the potential DPnya with greater Command. Therefore, I decided to raised Leaping Over + Beat Down Max.

Follow Up vs Follow Through vs Flying Knee Kick vs Kidney Blow
Among the four skill I had to choose one just because of limited skill point. I'm only interested in two skill alone is Follow Up or Blow Kidney. Follow Up DPS potential is greatest, but Kidney Blow had a greater damage. I see The areas range, Kidney Blow had an area larger than the Follow Up. Therefore, I decided to raised Kidney Blow alone.

Extra damage to Enhance Command and Rock Away Foot Stomping different from the description Skill. Damage is supposed to increase by 20% but once tested by 50% damage. I do not know if this Bug or how ya, because Damage + 50% when it was supposed to last 80 Cap.

Skill Build
The plan Defensio I am using this Build for PVE and PVP

Skill Plate
- Beat Down (damage)
- Repair (cooldown)
- Taunting Blow (damage)
- Leaping Over (damage)
Optional: Kidney Blow  (action speed) Step Up, Rock Away (damage) Beyond The Wall, Man to Man (cooldown).

- Kidney Blow (action speed)
- Repair (cooldown)
- Taunting Blow (cooldown)
- Beat Down (damage)
Optional: Body Check  (action speed) Leaping Over, Step Up, Rock Away (damage) Man to Man (cooldown).

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