DRAGON NEST: Analysis On Lencea’S Harmonize BY SIEG

Lencea Harmonize

With the 30th July Dragon Nest KR update to Lencea’s party buff Harmonize, it has become an extremely useful and competitive buff. Sieg from FreedomDragon Nest guild discussed the role of Harmonize in the game.

The Harmonize buff takes your character’s highest stat out of STR/AGI/INT and changes the remaining two to match that of your highest stat. If you had 100 STR, 0 AGI, 0 INT, you would have 100 STR, 100 AGI, 100 INT while under the Harmonize buff.What is the minimum that we can infer from this information?
– INT/MDMG classes benefit the LEAST out of Harmonize
– AGI classes benefit the MOST out of Harmonize
– AGI/VIT Assassins receive the greatest boost of all out of Harmonize
Why do INT/MDMG classes gain the least out of Harmonize?
– In terms of gear, such as Jades, plates, etc., INT has the LOWEST base value AND the LOWEST % increase out of the 3 stats. This means that an INT character’s INT is pretty much guaranteed to be lower than a STR character’s STR and an AGI character’s AGI at an equal gear level. Therefore, the amount of raw stats they get is lower. This also means that their Critical Damage gain is lower as well
– In terms of damage increase, MDMG characters only gain MDMG from INT but PDMG characters gain from both STR and AGI. Considering that MDMG characters are likely to have their INT as their highest stat, they gain NO EXTRA MDMG from Harmonize.- However, PDMG characters gain from both STR and AGI, and will gain a BASE damage increase of (STR-AGI) or (AGI-STR) * 0.25 OR 0.375 for Assassins.
Why do AGI classes gain the most out of Harmonize?
– Firstly, all of them are PDMG classes, this gives them an advantage in BASE PDMG as stated above.
– Secondly, INT and STR gives Critical Damage, while AGI does not. If as a STR or INT character you had 10% Critical Damage, you would only get at maximum another 10% Critical Damage. For an AGI character, at the same AGI stat, they can get 20% Critical Damage, since both STR and INT were boosted
We can state that Harmonize grants
– PDMG for AGI/STR classes
– Critical for non-AGI classes
– Critical Damage for all classes (in most cases)
Let us determine the general impact of Harmonize. I can say for certain that most “normally” geared characters will have between 30k-40k main stat at 80 cap. I will use 30k as the value since that is what most people should be working with. 40k is pretty much achievable with only L-grade gear, unless Eyedentity decides to buff 80A Dragon Jades OR release S/L Dragon Jades.
30k STR/AGI * 0.25 = 7,500 Base Damage. With gear providing around +26-30% PDMG (let’s ignore elemental damage era for now), we can safely say it is nearly a 10k increase to board damage for most PDMG classes. Assassins will get an additional 50% of that, but let’s not forget they are all elemental. (Yes, I am ignoring STR/AGI builds, since it’s just numbers people can easily calculate anyway…)
30k AGI * 3.5 = 105k Base Critical. Meaning that as long as you have an A-grade Critical Plate, it is nearly impossible not to have 89% Critical while under Harmonize. With Battle Howl/Archer’s Crit buff, that is max Critical out of nowhere for sure.
For Critical Damage, it would be best to refer to these 2 posts – #1 #2
We know that 1 INT/STR = 1.75 Base Critical Damage
Therefore 30k STR/INT = 52,500 Base Critical Damage
I will be using values that do not include +% Critical Damage modifiers.
Based on Post 2 linked above, we can tell that it takes around or slightly more than 4500 Critical Damage to get 1% Critical Damage for 80 cap. At 40k STR/INT that is around 15.5% Critical Damage.
STR/INT characters therefore net around 11-13% more Critical Damage on average. AGI characters (AGI/STR not included of course) will get around 22-26% more Critical Damage. How large is this increase?
11/211 = 5.21% increase to damage, pre-Critical Resistance. (STR/INT)
22/200 = 11% increase to damage, pre-Critical Resistance. (AGI)
Source : Freedomplays And Sieg

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