Dragon Nest CN Mobile "The Light of Daybreak"

Dragon Nest's genuine license mobile game ‘The Light of Daybreak’ (temporarily translated from破晓之光) has hit the App Store in China. All the Chinese players can download the game and enter the exciting new journey right now! Mobile RPG The Light of Daybreak features classic 2D side-scrolling hack and slash action with comfortable graphics, dynamic combat system, fast movement, acquainted dungeons, etc. What’s more, the classic character of Dragon Nest Geraint, Argenta and Velskud are making appearance one by one.


Class advancement is also adopted and available in this mobile. Players can feel exciting soon wiping all the enemies by taking full use of its smart combat system, attack, dodge, jump and combo damage. As an online mobile game, The Light of Daybreak supports both team work and PK mode so as to increase the interaction among players.


ou’ll never feel down when playing this hack and slash mobile action RPG, because the game is filled with lots of cute pets which have strong attacking abilities. They are the most loyal partner and best possible help for you.


Download The Light of Daybreak on App Store and find more information on their Official Website:

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