Dragon Nest KR Update 15 Februari 2016

Dragon Nest: Ice Dragon Nest Preview

Dragon Nest KR released the 8-man raid for level 90 cap, Ice Dragon Nest on 3rd Feb 2016, along with major skill changes for various classes, including Gear Master, Shooting Star, Destroyer, Inquisitor, Saleana, Sniper etc.

Ice Dragon Nest
Ice Dragon Nest is the 8-man raid instance for level 90 cap.
Entry requirement: Level 90
Party size: 5 – 8 players
Entry ticket: Seed of Snow
Weekly clear count: 2 times
Revive: 0
Stage 1: Ruin Entrance
Mutated Grizzly
20% ice/dark resist
Stage 2: Abandoned Fortress Arena
Killing Machine Baropo
20% fire/light resist.
Stage 3: Frozen Sanctuary
Ice Dragon
30% dark/light/fire/ice resist
All bosses have 46530 defence (28.06%) and 62667 critical resist (26.46%)
Source: Freedomplays And Mmosite

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