Dragon Nest Lag Fix Guide

One of the players from Cherry Credits forum make this useful guide and I pick the key points and re-arrange it. Hope this can be helpful to ppl who have lag problems.

Different Types of Lag
*FPS Lag
*Animation Lag
*Server Lag
*Disconnection lag/Connection Issues

How to solve different types of lag?
Normal lag
On the game Press [ESC] and go to System Settings and in there you can put Graphics settings on Low and Put resolution to low and Never play on window Mode (More lag in my Opinion)

Go to the Toolbars on the Windows and Delete Any Unnecessary Programs then do Ctrl+Alt+Delete and Delete Items that is Taking loads of Memory (Dont delete anything You need like the desktop)

Program in Task Manager called DWM.EXE takes some space. So if you have that Right Click Windows and go to Personalize (Windows Vista) and Go to Background setting, Put it on Vista Basic

Sometimes lag is caused by a Registry Fault or a Virus, Use a Virus Scanner (Mc Afee) Or Registry Booster and Clean them Registrys or kill the Viruses! 

Animation Lag (Screen Lag)
Some people go in a dungeon and straight away do a skill and poof it freezes. Get really bad Screen lag and then after 10 seconds dead/ End of Skill thats because of your Graphics card, Now to solve this Issue you can go to Nvidia and download a Good Graphics card, Direct X  is a good choice.

Link for DirectX Driver:

After you Installed the Driver Let Microsoft do the magic of Updating to the current Version, Follow the steps and you got it installed Remember if you downloaded DirectX Check out http://update.microsoft.com to see if they are updates are available, they shouldnt be any for the next year or two :D

Server lag
When you never get lag and you experience it in a DUNGEON (Not town) that means its server laging, Not 100% but could be the case of the lag.

Could be anything ive stated Above but if you done ALL OF THE Suggestions, Its your computer, its old/Not enough ram or Just cant play games like these.

Connection Issues/Disconnection
60% Its the server doing some kind of Updates But sometimes it can be a bad Connection My saying is if a connection is Below 3 Bars, Its bad, You can do a Pingtest to find out.... It might just be the case of your lag.

Pingtest Link: http://www.pingtest.net/ 

How to use Pingtest?
Click link and hook it up to where the servers are (I believe Singapore) Click singapore in the world map and it should test you ping!

And you can check your download/Upload speed with http://www.speedtest.net/

Same thing as Pingtest, click Link hook up to SG and it should test the DL and Upload speed to SG.

Thanks jellyyy for this guide. Here is the orginal link:
"Dragon Nest" How to Fix Lagg Issues/How to Recieve No Lagg

FPS lag and animation lag is just the same, if the screen freezes, that means your FPS drops below the playable fps(30fps is the playable, you need at least 60fps for smooth play, greater than 60fps is not noticeable),you don't download your graphics card, it is a physical item, what you download is the driver used by your graphics card(the driver is separate from DirectX/OpenGL), DirectX is a driver that emulates for you, Windows users use those, DN requires DXv9.0c(the latest for XP users, higher versions are not compatible for XP ex: v10.1 are for Vista users), any greater version of DirectX runs DN just fine. No offense meant for the TS though.

i'll just share some things i know about lag then..

Screen lag is when your screen freezes or there is some stutters or when you use your keyboard or mouse but the command is not sent or seen in your game(like clicking the attack button but your character does nothing)

There are three factors that you should look into to avoid Screen Lag
1) CPU(your processing unit)
2) GPU(the one that renders the graphics)
3) RAM(the one that holds the program resources)
4) Electricity

1) Check for malwares(viruses,etc) - they usually eat up your CPU resources, leaving only small portions just enough to make the OS run enabling them to destroy and steal information or just to mess with you

2) Do not run programs that needs high CPU resource, whenever I play a 3d game, i never open anything unnecessary

3) It may be slightly worn, especially when you overclock it to very high ranges, your CPU's life gets burned up faster, if it does, your computer will be very slow and your system may be prone to crashes and will be needing replacement, but don't worry too much if you do not OC your cpu clock

1) When you buy a pre-built computer/laptop, if you don't see something like geforce/radeon or something like those in the list of specs, then it just contains the integrated graphics device, you can run DN at low settings but whenever an elemental lord casts fire skills or a force user spams "gravity/blackhole" skills, your FPS may drop below 30, unless it is the latest IGD

2) If you fall in GPU#1, then buy a decent graphics card, if you want to run on high settings, you must have high-end specs(not just the graphic card but all computer specs), but if you just want to run DN perfectly(at low settings with >=60fps), buy something better than the recommended graphics card, search your motherboard model to find out if it has a PCI-E slot since graphic cards use that(most cards if not all).

3) Update your graphic card drivers, search the model of your graphic card(ex: GeForce GT220) , you can even include the manufacturers name so you can download in their site(ex: Nvidia or Sparkle or EVGA or ATI)

RAM(Read-access memory)

There are two kinds of memory
1) Physical
2) Virtual

this is what is plugged in your motherboard, this is the more important one,  you may check it by opening "Run" and then typing dxdiag, which opens the diagnosis tool of directx, and then look at "Memory"

1) DN recommends 1gb FREE memory(i recommend at least 1.5gb free), not total physical memory, you may want to check if you satisfy this one, first is, you must check the memory required by your Operating System, WinXP requires at least 256mb for 32bit, Win7 64bit at least needs 2gb, then, you must check your background programs, desktop customization software, antimalware(antivirus),application services(the updaters), and system processes, when doing nothing, you can just open your task manager and go to the Performance tab, then under the physical memory, look at the Available part, it usually shows the number in bytes, just divide the number by 1024 two times to get the Gigabyte equivalent

2) at this point, with at least .75gb of free memory, you won't have any problems, but when bigger nests come, you'll really need at least 1gb since your DN may crash showing a message like "out of physical memory", players in CN experience that in APO nest(was it lvl 40? i forgot :P)

3)if you lack free memory, buy, there are two slots for ram cards(all boards i have seen have two, dunno if there are more for other motherboards), search your motherboard model to check the memory type it can support(DDR,DDR2,DDR3,DDR5), if you have a slow ram card, switch it for a new one since if you have a fast card and a slow card inserted, the fast card will operate at the speed of the slow card, but you don't have to worry about that because the graphic cards(DDR2 onwards) today satisfies the speed requirement of DN

it is sometimes listed as pagefile
search it on the web on how to set it, you just need to set it to at least 1.5x physical ram


why this? your computer must not be satisfying the power demands of your drives, cards and anything else inside that box, lack of electricity may result to slower performance and system crashes(yes, BSODs)
i do not recommend extensions and such, just use power regulating devices for your computer, using extensions will slow the flow of electricity, if you study physics, you'll understand why.

Ping lag is when your character performs an attack, but the damage to the foe registers quite a bit late, or when you click an npc, the npc dialog shows up late, or when you are moving then you suddenly teleport back to the place where your enemy attacked, or when you attack and you saw your sword get a clean hit on the enemy but it does not do damage to them

These are the factors that affect PING Lag
1) Game Server
2) your ISP
3) your network peripherals
4) distance to the game server

The Server
let's just compare this to a Water Dam and players to Water, so a Dam has a capacity to hold a water, and there is a critical point to where a dam must release some water or else, it may be destroyed

That is why some people are disconnected from the server, and also, if the server is nearly full, the response time from the server to your computer will get slower, resulting to DELAY, there is no solution that we can do since we cannot fix the server.

Your ISP
check your internet speed and ping to your ISP's server, and also check for packet loss, there shouldn't be more than 0% packet loss, if you have problems here, refer to your ISP's customer service
try speedtest.net and pingtest.net

Your Network Peripherals
check if your cables are damaged, if they are, replace them

check if your modem and router/switch is very hot, they may be suspect to overheating, you should at least let them rest for a while, overheating kills your device, or it slows them, overheating also applies to your computer

Distance to the game server
waves travel at high speeds alright, even so, a small 50ms(0.05second) delay due to distance will affect gameplay, but wait, the solution is not to migrate to Singapore to have better DNSEA gameplay, it is just because when your computer sends data to the server, it needs to go pass through different locations to arrive to the destination, in some games, a tunnelling program(DNCN/Shanda's ETA is an example) may be used but no one have made a program for DNsea(i'm still searching for one but none found at the minute, if you managed to find one, feel free to share it).

I'll recommend using the program called Gamebooster if you do not want to manually tweak your settings and close unneeded applications when playing.

criticisms for what i wrote is fine, but trolling isn't

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