Equipment/Gem English Translations "Seven Knight Korean"

Just Realized we don't have this here XD
just gonna put this out here for reference if anyone needs xD
basic item and character status:
공격력 - physical atk
마법력 - magic atk
방어력 - defense
possible weapon/accessoire stats:
약점 공격 - atk weakness (atk enemy with lowest HP + x1.3 dmg)
속공 - speed / double attack (chance for extra autoatk after normal atk/skill. doesn't count towards turns. also determines attack order - not attack rate!)
치명타 확률 - critical chance (crit = x1.5 dmg)
possible armor/accessoire stats:
막기 확률 - block chance (block = x0.5 dmg recieved)
반격확률 - counterattack chance
최대 생명력 - hp
other possible accessoire stats:
피해량 - total dmg
치명타 데미지 - critical damage
일반 공격시 데미지 x% 흡혈합.. - lifesteal on normal attacks
생명력 x%.. 1회 부활 - revive once with x% hp
Status Effects:
Blindness: Stops Unit from doing any autoattacks. Including counterattack/swift atk and has a Chance to make attack/skills miss.
Silence: Stops from casting skills
Bleed/Burn/Poison: suffer additional damage per turn
Stun/Paralyze: Stops unit from doing anything.
Freeze/Stone: Same as above but become untargetable. automatically skips turns until cc is gone if there are no targetable units.
Death: Unit dies after 2 turns. If hit by another Death it dies instantly. also if immune then it deals additional dmg instead.
Turns are counted individually. 1 normal autoattack = 1 turn for that unit passed (ofc turns still pass for them while they are hard CCed xD)

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