In this build, I still relies Cannon Tower and Chainsaw Tower as an DPS. Plus support of Ice Pump Tower for PVP and increase the damage Ice Element. but this time, I did not raised Pingpong Bomb, because still worry about next update which said that the Bomb Pingpong also can not be used when Mechanic Mode.

Tumble + Aerial Evasion: Max

Wax lv 8:
So that the enemy is more easily slip and faster cooldown.

Stun Grenade lv 1:
Just to fill shortages in Academic Skill Point. Armor Break skill is also quite large and could thwart the enemy skill.

Summon Alfredo Alfredo Recall lv lv 3 + 1:
Skill required to create Engineer

Bubble lv 1:
I use for PVP, binding enemies for 2 seconds.

MP Recovery Max:
Skill is required Max to Gear Master, because the consumption of sizable MPnya. In addition, MP Recovery was very helpful when I Ladder.

Vending Machine lv 1: (+1)
I wear ring +1 skill for skill, so that the number of potions issued more and the percentage is higher .. So I can use when you're running out of MP or HP in PVE or Ladder.

Ping Pong Bomb Shock Mecha lv lv 11 or 11:
I'm still a bit undecided choose between these two skills. DPS duck is not consistent, but I worry about the updates to come. Pinpong Bomb can not be used while Mechanic Mode.

Reload lv 1:
Requirements to take Chemical granade.

Chemical granade lv 10:
Def element minus debuff for 18 seconds and cooldown 20 seconds.

Alfredo Stomp lv 1:

Alfredo Berseker lv 1:
Alfredo in GM was not too used to DPS.

Damage Transition lv 5:
This skill is useful for the rescuers, because it reduces the incoming attack.

Rocker Jump lv 1:
After the revamp, so this skill has two functions: a tumble right click / left.

Gravity granade lv 1:
I use this skill to collect enemy.

Gatling Gun Tower lv 1:
Requirements, although DPS MM Gatling Gun Tower was the highest, but to use I think less so effective. Because to get the full hit we should really stick to the monster / boss, and it's very risky.

Cannon Tower lv 15: (+1)
Why max? because the damage is large, the MM Cannon Tower no cooldown of this skill and rangenya very much.

Ice Pump Tower lv 8:
This build is more to Hybrid PVE / PVP and can use the element Ice, Light or Dark. Therefore, I raise up Lv Ice Tower Pump Pump 8. Ice Tower level 8 can slow down enemies in PVP longer and are very useful to improve DPS elemnt Ice (suitable for Ice Gear Master).

MechaDuck lv lv 6 and Mecha Siren 1:
Any requirements

Mecha Bomber lv 12:
Create suport while Nest / raid for reducing the enemy's attack by 36% during the 12s.

Mechanic Mode lv 13:
If we want to be DPS, it shall raise this skill MAX. Mechanic Mode (MM) lv 13 add 30% stationery and reduce attacks by 22%. When sedangan cast MM, we can use the Gatling Gun and Cannon Tower with no cooldown. So that this skill could be the source of our DPS, especially if we are diligent on / off Mechanic mode so that it can use the tower and also MM tower simultaneously.

Skyline lv 2:
It certainly grab this ultimate skill, because it does not require long casting time.

Chainsaw Tower lv 12:
Mandatory Max !! Moreover, it became one of the top DPS skill. Plus now there Mechanic Mode that can make us do two chainsaw attacks coming from the tower and the tower summon Mechanic mode.

Big Mecha Bomber lv 11:
Honestly, though Big Mecha Bomber EX Full Cast has great damage, but I still rarely use it. Perhaps because Castnya Full casting time for too long, so sometimes or often failed Cast Hit enemy contact.

Skill Plate:
1. Chainsaw Tower (-20% Cooldown)
2. Cannon Tower (+20% Damage)

3. Transitional Damage (-20% Cooldown)
4. Big Mecha Bomber (+20% Damage)

Optional: Ice Pump Tower dan Wax (-20% Cooldown) 

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