Guide Change Language Seven Knight Kakao/Korean Server

Hello all, so since much people are asking on how to install the ui_text file, i resolved to make this guide, it worked for me and its very simple, one important thing, this is only for ANDROIDS, altough its almost the same for Bluestacks
So let's start with it, GUIDE:
Step 1 - Your phone must be ROOTED, if you dont have your phone rooted, pls learn how to root it and dont try this, and BACKUP all your SD Card files, in case something goes wrong.
Step 2 - Connect your phone to your PC through cable.
Step 3 - Download Root Explorer ( and install it.
Copy the APK to one of your SD Card folders, then install it, if you cant find the file this way, install ES File Explorer from play store and then find the folder where you copied the apk.
Step 4 - Now, download this ZIP file, it will contain all the files translated till now…/uvnjh2…/AAB72my14w_mZ_VXWcNvxfc8a… (basically, already has weapons and armors extras translated, some of the menu's, formations, herolist and others things you can find out :))
Step 5 - ^ After this, copy all files inside to your SD Card, like what you have done on step 3, and remember where you put them, cause you will need to know the path onward to use on Root Explorer.
Step 6 - Now, open Root Explorer, go to the path where you copied the files on step 5, locate them, then COPY all to data/data/com.cjenm.sknights/files/Resources/res/ux it will ask if you want to replace them, just say yes to all.



Location Extract to Root Explorer

And that's it, hope you enjoy the translations, ill keep updating this guide with new files whenever i get them. Enjoy and if you get any problems or errors just comment below, we will try to help the best way possible wink emotikon
Credits to me and to my buddy Amin Jo for the translated files. And FB Group Seven Knight

ScreenshotTested Work By Hitzer 

22 Komentar untuk "Guide Change Language Seven Knight Kakao/Korean Server"

  1. is there any update for the files? because there is many missing image on my 7K

    1. it's ok to error image... cuz not affecting on the system.. any update ur image will be fix auto

  2. does nothing if you happen to missing image...

    because I am also an error to improvment on 7K Korean, but will not affecting on the system...

    certainly, you also have to memorize the position of the improvement

  3. need for status skill and item translate, please

  4. gan translate equip kembali ke bahasa korea lagi pas tadi pagi update minta tolong di update gan thx..

  5. It doesnt work now?

  6. Amazing! Thankssss


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