Inquisitor TOP DPS - The Role of the Inquisitor

Once upon a time existed elemental parties where everyone is a light DPS and Inquisitors were the primary debuffers. The source of this was the light resist debuff boost to all our old skill mechanics. It wasn’t much of a gameplay change per say.  All the skills worked the same way as before except they had more values added to them.

That was T4. Welcome to T5. Be prepared for a big shock to your system. Everything you knew about Inquisitor is about to be thrown out of the window.

If you are here expecting to see “Inquisitors are still half-healers and half-DPS”, prepare to be sorely disappointed. I suggest you reroll to Saint if you are really bummed about the loss of our healing capability.

Long story short, T5 drastically changed everything. A lot of things were overhauled. The main thing is the revamps to all skill trees and the removal of the notion of “semi-support hybrid” or “debuffer classes” or “semi-DPS support” classes.

All classes are sorted into a clear role: DPS, Tank or Healer. For better or for worse, the developers decided to sort Inquisitors into the DPS role, and have balanced us as such.

Remember I said debuffer classes were removed? Like Elestra, most of our debuffs were outright removed. The ones that remained are drastically changed in mechanics and have their total effect reduced to match other DPS classes (the maximum debuff we can apply is -20%, other DPS classes have debuffs around that range). Like Elestra, the devs converted us to a pure DPS class instead.

Remember I said that all classes are sorted into Healer, Tank or DPS and that Inquisitors are sorted into DPS? Well, the bulk of cleric healing ability has been shifted to our brothers, Saints. All healers in 3R gets a big 30% heal, a heal over time and mana regen. Saints get them, Inquisitors don’t. The leftover healing spells in the Cleric and Priest tree are so pathetic that they are not worth the cast time to use them in the first place. Inquisitors can no longer perform as a healer in any capacity in T5.

In exchange for removing our debuffs and moving 99.9% of cleric healing ability to Saints, we received a MASSIVE DPS boost.

Veteran Inquisitors should be prepared to change their playstyle drastically into a pure DPS mindset. You can only do one role effectively now: DPS. No longer are we the “3 role debuff/damage/healer hybrid monstrosities” we were in 70 to 80 cap nor are we the “support first, decent DPS second” in 50 cap to 60 cap. We are an entirely different monster in 90 cap.

The current Tiering of Inquisitors is Erratic Tier 1 to Tier 0Inquisitors on DPS meters are either above-average or stupidly overpowered. I will explain why this is the case later. 

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