Korean Seven Knight Update 2/25/2016

Today MA 4.00-7.30KST(GMT+9) 2/25
Game Content:
- Yeopo and RinLin remakes
** All screenshots are from the Test Server, There might still be changes after the update

Skill 1 95 sec
4 man Physical damage for 180% (up from 150%)
Additionally Penetrates.
Skill 2 115 sec
4 man Physical damage for 110% (down from 150%)
Additionally, Ignores defense and reduce all turn based buffs by 3 turns.
(Added ignore defense)
Self attack and weakness chance up 50% (Remake add)
Additionally, void shield ignores attack for 6 hits

Skill 1 80 secs
4 man Magical damage for 50%, hits 3 times (Changed from 3 man to 4)
Additionally, always Critical
Skill 2 85 secs
AoE Magical damage for 120% (Up from 80%)
Add 40% damage for fallen enemy (up from 30%)
Additionally, attack also Penetrates.
Also scrambles formation and hero position (Like Nata Skill) (Remake add Hero position, before only scrambled formation)
Void Shield for 12 hits
Additionally, Normal attacks have a high chance to blind opponent for 2 turns.
Heros in the same row have their magic attack increase by 50%. (Similar to Yushin passive) (added remake,

- Yeopo and RinLin Costume sale
2/25 ~ First update in March
- Update the Popular Hero list
PvP Popular hero list will be updates to latest version
- Relationship guide has been updated from errors and typos
- Awakened Nia and Bolt HP bar has been relocated
Event Compensation:
- Accessory Upgrade chance events
- Kyle, Alicia acquisition event
GvG Banlist:
Nox, Ruri, Lee, Karin, Spike, Wukong

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