Korean Seven Knight Update New Feature on Guild 29 February 2016

■ The Siege of difficulty ( difficult ) Additional
 - The difficulty has been added .
 In Normal difficulty S should be a rank ' difficulties ' difficulty setting ( reservations ) are possible .
 - Difficulty change must be changed for each province , it will apply to the next siege .
 - Difficulty will not be added to entry .
※ monsters appearing in Easy difficulty is / are different monsters, skills and abilities of Normal difficulty .

■ Damage ( Fight Results ) additional verification system
 You can see the cumulative damage and failure of the end of combat damage a hero system ( icons ) it has been added .

The portrait of a hero who participated in the Battle Formations show and will be denoted by numerical order .

■ Open and improve top official season of the abyss
Pre-season is ended and the season is officially open .
The tower of the abyss only shops have been added .
Conditions have been met stars of the acquisition conditions are the colors will change , if any stars or more of the round monsters appeared immune status is added to the image border .
Is the actual ability during expressed click Portrait of a monster appeared , the conditions of question marks left click, pop-condition information is exposed ,
If you clear the stage with a hero that can not cross this stage it is re-used every day, and 00 are initialized at the time .
Tower admission and participation of the abyss number of key three dogs will be deducted .

■ Improved Guild
 - Guild decline request to join the system has been added .
 - Guild subscription request OFF setting can not accept request to join the guild .

 - Free subscription set ON If you can not access the guild denied the request set .

■ Improved boss battles
The total score of the plate 0 not reflected in the rankings if jeomil , will not be compensated season acquisition .
Boss after 10 Within seconds pause > participation number will be returned when you click the button to exit the Boss boss battles .

Boss adds the ability to terminate the former boss when you want to achieve scores of former progress .

■ targeted way to improve skills
 - 1-4 attack skill has a chance to wear the same column Hero of Skill damage has been improved when using the same .
※ For more information, you can check the developer notes .

■ Error Correction
Raid 2 raid dungeons and intermittent days , symptoms that are manifested gauges, etc. Top of infinite skill and vigilance icon is not exposed (iOS)
 Phenomena that are not applicable intermittently damage when attacking a hero to the reflection effect Drain Life Skills (iOS)
 - Phenomena represented at the level of the hero after hero, an info window before the increased ability to level up (iOS)
 - Intermittent phenomenon applies Quickplay five ( Android )
 - Other enemy hiding among the other heroes heroes are all rot in the freezing , phenomenon of awakening to a subject suffering from freezing to destroy Lee's paedo akgwon apply skills
 - After awakening-year-old is transformed from an adventure when you go to the next round , the damage passive immunity phenomenon is not initialized
 - Symptoms of damage stack Kyle does not apply to the target debuff applied to a reflective state vigilance over Lee's reflections

■ Improvements
Book UI has been improved .

■ Before Guild ban heroes all grades including arousal )

 -  Knox Lapis lazuli Lee Karin spikes Goku no change )

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