Seven Knight Use Fodder to Fusing Hero Guide

I'm sure some of us have seen people in the chat box getting 7k units through fusion.
Here's a suggestion on how to use fodder units while increasing your chances of getting
7k units from more than two sources.

DISCLAIMER: Please don't do this if you're strapped for resources. As I've mentioned in my other guide, if you're a newbie, you need to get your 6* core first before doing anything else in the game. The game stops babysitting you once the guide quests are over. I won't be held responsible if you decide to use your resources unwisely :P 
1 star units = feed them to 3 star units
2 star units = feed them to 3/4/5/6 star units
3 star units = FUSE. FUSE THESE BUGGERS.
4 star units = idc. Fuse or feed them to 5/6 star units
5 star units = Fuse them for 6 star units.
6 star units = item unlock, transcend or keep.
I'm not sure if you can get 7k units from 4/5 star fusions. Maybe someone can confirm?
3 star fusions are probably the best and easiest way to acquire 7k units.
I know, it's tempting to use them as fodder material, but believe me that if you want to
increase your chances of getting 7k units aside from relying on guild boxes and rare hero summons, try this method if you have materials to get rid of. Good luck!

use 1 star units to power up 3/4/5 star units.
use 2 star units to power up 6 star units.
use 3 star units to fuse for 4 star units.
use 4 star units to fuse for 5 star units.
use 5 star units to fuse for 6 star units or rank up if it's a desirable unit.
use 6 star units to use if it's desirable or fodder for trans/unlock.
Q: Why should we use 1/2* units as fodder when it's cheaper and faster to fuse higher ranked units?
A: 1/2* units are a lot easier to acquire than 3/4/5 units. 

  • using 5x 4* units to power-up a 6* unit only gives you 125% on the exp bar, while
  • using 5x 2* units to power-up a 6* unit gives 35% for the same price.
    One would get more 2* units while grinding during hot time than 4* units. Sure, it would cost about 3.5x as much (about 160k for 125%) but in the long term, it lets you use the 3/4/5 star units for other units to play with.
    Do note that this is more of an insight to long-term grinding in the game. If you intend to climb up the ladders ASAP without regards to efficiency, then do NOT follow this guideline and go straight to +5ing your main units as it may be ideal early in the game where the power climb gets real.

You may also sell your lv 30 fodder units (preferably the 1 star ones) if you find yourself low on gold.
Lv 1 sells for 200G while Lv 30 sells for 1650G. Do your ruby farming shenanigans then sell 'em! 
Fusing may be the best way to get your main party going.
If you follow and finish the guide quest, you'll end up with around 2-3 6* units
with some 5* to consider for fusion. This is where your RNG luck gets tested.
If you get primo units like Velika(assuming you didn't pick her as your free 6*), May, or even Evan,
you should be fine for the rest of the current content in the game. 
For the long term, FUSE THE 3/4/5 UNITS YOU ACQUIRE IN THE GAME.
You won't get them as often once you clear Tower or choose not to pull them from gacha.
Eventually, they will become 6 star units that you'll either want in your party or as transcend/item unlock fodder. 
If you come across a unit that you like as a 5 star, it may be worth spending elements on them. You should use elements sparingly as they're rather hard to come by in the game as well.
It costs 400 rubies to grind easy Dailies 8 times to produce a 5 star element and 600 rubies to grind medium Dailies 4 times to produce the same thing. You can also use your CR points to acquire random 3 star elements every 4 days or one specific 3 star element every 8 days. Personally, I pick the random ones to fuse since it feels that you'd get more bang for your buck that way.
Ideally, elements should only be used for ranking up units from 5 stars to 6 stars(unless it's a 7k unit).
You'd be wasting about 2 weeks worth of daily dungeons if you decide to use a 4 star element to rank up a 4 star unit.. so put that into consideration when playing as F2P.
That's all I could think of for now. My keys have regenerated and I should be getting ready for hot time soon. :D if anyone has any better suggestions or things that might want to be added, please leave your comments below. Thanks for reading!

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