Translate (English) Karin Awakening Skill

Karin Awakening SKill 6  
Maximum levels / abilities when enhance maximum
vitalityMagical powerDEFSpeed Attack

Information Skills
Revived in blessings
1. All allies immune to death debuff for 5 turns.
2. Revive once with 100% HP."
Recovery (reuse time: 50 seconds)
Heal 1 ally with 220% magical attack, additionally heals with the same amount for 2 consecutive turns & removes debuff. (Removing death debuff detract 25% HP)
Resuscitation (cooldown: 120 seconds)
Revive 1 ally with 80% HP, additonally bestow 2 Void Shield. (Ignore penetration skill)
Awakening Skill
Miracles of Destruction (arousal using skills)
Revives all dead allies with 100% HP, additionally bestow 1 Void Shield. (Ignore penetration skill)

Sorry For Bad English Becuz i'm Use Google Translate ^.^

Help me contribution correct this translate. Thx/Bantu dan kontribusi terjemahan ini Terima kasih

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