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Q: Why should I play jDN?

A: Economy isn't messed up by bots, actual grinding can net you up some good gold and all the equipment is very very cheap (because there is barely any gold circulating in the game). Making you able to gear without much trouble.

Q: Is there a guild available for us English speaking?

A: Not yet, perhaps a guild can be made if enough people play.

Q: Can I buy gold here?

A: No, RMT (Real Money Trading) isn't allowed, and will be punished on sight.

Q: Can I just party with strangers?

A: Unless you know Japanese, you probably can't (unless you're just going to join SD or GD parties, where they can carry you without saying a word).

Q: Can I buy jellies in the shop / trading house?

A: No, you can only get them with Dragon Eggs or by doing your daily missions (5 goddess sadness --> 1 box with 5 jellies in it)

Q: Can I chat English openly?

A: You can, but nobody will probably give you an answer.

Q: Why can't I enter a dungeon???

A: When your FTG reaches 0, you cannot enter any dungeons anymore.

Q: Should I just grind the dungeons then?

A: Upto you, if you want to level fast, you can, but taking the board quests/side quests / main quests can give you A LOT of gold (like 1.2k~) which can help you very much.

Q: My SoftEther VPN doesn't work, what to do?

A: Restart your pc, reinstall SoftEther, get the correct drivers, connect to another VPN Server.

Q: How to make gold?

A: Farm EoL/Apple of life (You don't need to be VIP to enter). Also running lower level dungeons can give you some nice loot (Plates and stuff). Any item under level 50 can be sealed with ''low grade seals'', which can be bought with all the goddess tears you got for free while levelling at merchant pero. And ofcourse the daily missions.

Q: My client freezes everytime at server select.

A: VPN isn't connected then (No Japanese connection = you will be booted).

Q:  When does FTG & Nests reset?

A: 9 am Saturday (GMT + 8)

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