Guide Awakening Hero Seven Knights Korean server

Hey guys. I searched the pinned post n cant find on how to awaken hero so i did a simple tutorial as some players still asked on how to awaken hero.

Edited: Btw make sure the unit to be awkened was removed from any sort of teams/party. Hit that remove from all button!!

How to Awaken Hero ?

If u Need Awaken Hero Shard

300 Awaken Hero Shard = Normal Hero
400 Awaken Hero Shard = Luminous Hero / Revolution Hero ( Alicia, Kiriel, and Ryan )
500 Awaken Hero Shard = 4 Lord and 7 Knights

Tutorial Awakening Heroes

Kiriel ( Luminous Hero ) Before Awaken

Kiriel ( Luminous Hero ) Process Awakening

Kiriel ( Luminous Hero ) After Process Awakening

Credits By : Mohd Zikry Shahrum and Gusba Razelion ( Admin Hitzer )

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