How to Easily Get Hero For a Fuse and Rank Up

Seven Knights, a game that many gamers played the android can be a substitute for Clash of Clans game when in a state too late to the gameplay and animations look highly realistic 3D and practically. In addition to the many features provided by the knight seven games this one, one of them is a hero, and hero2 that makes me very curious after that time only three weeks of playing. Oh yes do not forget to continue to monitor the latest events belong to this game who knows you can get for free Hero * 6.

Because in seven knights are 6 Levels Hero is measured with a star, ie * 1 s / d * 6
other than that if you play Seven Knights Korean server you will find that stems from the hero awakening * 6 yellow hero will become blue. So I will give you experience leakage or quick way to get hero from 3 to 6. Save Let's Check it Out !!

Number 1: Check-In Every day for 1 month.

Every week we would definitely gain hero either that * 4 * 5 or special * 4 Selector hero S7 (seven Knights). Do not forget to login ok !!

Number 2 : Summon Hero

Summon this hero's been a while anyway in seven knights global server, and what the heck hero summon it? Hero summon is a special feature to get one of hero Seven Knights and four Lords was very difficult to get it. In our daily life will get a share "Normal Summon" and "Summon Bonus". Well, to take on Normal Summon we need 10k Gold from which we got and Bonus Summon requires at least 40 and 5 Topaz Ruby. Not Want to Eject Ruby, right? Therefore you only need a great fortune to directly acquire Special Hero from Hero Summon. Good Luck !!

Number 3 : Buy Hero Ticket at Shop

Talking again more about every day, as long as we play certainly no such thing as a free only. Yep, we are going to acquire random hero (Normal Ticket) and Random Hero (Rare Ticket) and the time it takes to get it is a day to Normal Ticket and three days for Rare Ticket Guys. Thus everyone playing the game we need the person's name That is "PATIENCE"

Number 4: Always Follow Erin progress Quiz: P

No need to elaborate deh ... It's clear it when you manage to answer it certainly shall get a gift like the picture above.

Number 5: Number 5: Always Keep track of Event Developments Progress

Want to get an Ace or Wukong? therefore you need to monitor the time / the event period, really easy way to see S.Time time you just have to click a bubble in the top right corner or the usual place we chat. Well there shall always give them know what time we are Server time?

Number 6: Continue Every Floor / Floor of Celestial Tower

Floor by floor we passed, we opened the doors endless every floor and meet monsters god forbid true invulnerable its HP and for passing floor is definitely you need a strong hero. Well, keep on how fast to get heronya? Do not worry guys, continue to refer to what I write here.

Number 7 : Fuse Hero

For this one you can see How to Fuse Hero? and how to get it at a minimum need a hero who had d unlock all including his armor and weapon. Because we will face Dungeon Areas 8-1 and while you look for victimizing / fodder could also kok for farming ruby. About Tutorial Click Here

Number 8 : Rank Up Hero with Element

If does not need to elaborate anyway, because all must have known if it was element needed for Hero Rank up his example like the picture below. More details can be seen Click here.

Number 9 : Completely Guide Quest Special for Newbie/New Player

every trip would be obstacles, do not forget to finish quest for last one to choose their own hero 6 * including the latest hero.

Number 10 : Completely Special Quest termasuk Daily, Weekly dan Monthly

We are talking every day again !! after Erin Quiz and Summon hero still there is one more that finish. So, we are can get a hero * 3 consists of 3 Summon Hero, Erin and last Daily Quiz Quest latter when you're really lucky shall acquire hero * 4 - * 6 depends Lucky / Chance.

Number Terakhir : Auto Repeat Latest Features Seven Knights Global / Asia

You do not have to bother anymore to use special macro for android because the feature was only 2 weeks in the countdown dated February 25, 2016 (as I recall). Just need to sleep in the living sorted out already, but do not forget to check the HP battery before performing Auto Repeat and specialized users Bluestack I need not explain ya: p

OK the first discussion of how to easily get Hero, next time I will discuss the features that have not been out in the Seven Knights global / Asia that exist only in Seven Knights Kakao / Korean Server.

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