Added New Hero 4 Lords Emporer - Yoen Hee/Yun Hi

-New In This Update Seven Knights Added Hero 4 Old Lords Emporer - Yoen Hee/Yun Hee
-A new hero is pre-image was released to the many stories
-This Next Update Prediction After Added Yoenhee, Added Awakening Yui and Awakening Lina

New Status effects Sleep
- Subjects who received the sleep attacks, is incapacitated, you fall into a sleep state.
- The subject fell into sleep state, the defense force is very low, if you suffer from one or more of the damage, it will be awakened from sleep.
(If damage to receive at the time of attack as disabling and damage immunity of 0, it does not wake up from sleep.)

This Hero Very Hard to Get :(

Status Max Level

Information Skills
Passive Skill - Coast Of Sea

- normal attack 2 target
- high probability to make enemy " sleep " 2 turns
- if team had atleast 3 Magic type, amplify magic atk on herself 50% 
- void shield all damage 7 times
Skill 1 - Destruction of Light (CD : 70 Sec)
- Magic 70% 3 target 3 hits 
- addition damage dealing from enemy hp 30%
- penetrate
Skill 2 - The spirit of Apocalypse ( CD: 95 Sec)
- Magic 100% 4 target 2 Hits
- high probability to make enemy " sleep " 2 turns 
Awakening Skill
Awakening Skill

Preview Skill

Skill 1

Skill 2

Recommend Equip

WeaponSpeed Attack/Speed Attack
 ArmorMax HP or Counter Attack
Ring약점: Weakness Attack 
Jewel HP

JewelCritical Damage or Critical Chance
JewelLife Steal or Critical Chance

Ok Guys See You Next Time For Update... Sorry I'm Late For Update Cuz I'm Busy in My Business ^^ 

Thanks For Visit 

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