Castle Rush Guide Version By : Parallel Horizon

This is a lengthy guide regarding Castle Rush from the facebook group for 7Knights.
Copied from the EDMW 7Knights Thread over at HWZ & formatted it slightly to make it neater.

Author: Nur Hidayat Taib
Posted: October 25 at 10:41pm
Castle Rush Tips for Global/Asia Seven Knights (as of version 1.0.14)
Hi Guys, I'm just a fellow player with some tips for CR, since I'm pretty sure everyone here would love to score as much points so that their guild can earn daily S boxes. KR server 7K units are abit different, so their team setups and such may sometimes not work as well when applied here. Since the Global/Asian server just started, I doubt the 7K units would be easier to obtain as compared to the KR version.
This will be somewhat lengthy and may be overwhelming if you're new; so just try to bear with me and go along as you build up your deck of characters. If you have alternate ways, please go ahead if that suits you better. This post is just to help out people who have some trouble with CR team setups.
One key thing to understand is that this game is designed for you to not just have just 1 team of units to deal with everything. Each and every unit has its purpose - whether as a backline DPS, or a frontline tank, or even just as a free fodder, every unit has their place.
For now, let's go back to focusing on the topic that I want to talk about - Castle Rush.
Ideally, it seems that the most agreed formation to go for is 1-4, with your best DPS taking the backline spot while all your supports, tanks, heals will make up the frontline four. Level up the formation as high as your gold allows it to. If you can max it at lvl 40, that is purely perfect. Why not go 2-3 Formation with 2 DPS? Why only 1 DPS?
The 2-3 formation might work, depending on the units that you bring. However from personal experience, you'll end up only having time to utilize one of the DPS skill while the rest of the time will be used on buffs/heals/debuffs/waiting time from disabling statuses. (In the current KR version, alot of backliner units have very fast cooldown for their single target DPS skill). So your best bet is to go with the the veteran players' advice in the community, they aren't wrong with the 1-4 formation choice.
This is the key starting point. To be brutally honest, if you're stuck with 4* and 5* units, you don't really stand much of a chance to deal alot of damage. Your passives aren't that great, and so are your skill damage %. The same goes for survivability, you'd prolly take more time clearing waves 1 & 2 with 4-5* units as compared to a full 6* team with 6* equipments.
Ideally, you should work on farming to get to 6* lvl 30 +5, so while you're building up, you can use what you have to practice on working out good team synergies for each day.
So with the 1-4 formation in place, your lineup should consist of:
1 pure DPS unit
The backline slot is reserved for this unit, to maximise out your single target DPS on the 7K, with the formation bonus. In a way, its like pitting your best DPS unit against the 7k, just that you have the assistance of 4 extra units.
1-2 AoE unit(s)
To clear out the Rooks and Chancellor minions quickly. At one point later on, you'll be able to clear those minions without the need for skill usage, so when that time comes, replace your AoE units accordingly.
Debuffers (especially damage reductions)
Debuffers are a MUST, because the 7K will increase in power as the number of turns increase. Its usually indicated by the aura around the Knight, at turn 8+ it'll start to go Super Saiyan with blazing blue/yellow auras. They cannot die, and are not designed to be defeated, so basically you need to deal as much damage as you can before he/she takes out your team.
You will get hurt, no doubts about it. So bring a healer, at this point AoE healers can be somewhat better, so e.g if you're planning on bringing Yui because of her AoE ress, make sure she has the best def + HP gear to be able to be the last one standing to pull off the team revive. Some units can buff your party, so don't forget about these handy units to have as well. Just make sure you can sort them out accordingly. Keep the survivability and dps output as balanced as you can.
Team Leader
Depends on your preference. Usually I'd go for the Fire Element (Striker) type to get the max boost on physical damage, but some people prefer Dark Element types (All-rounder) for a more universal boost.
• Debuffers
  • Rachel is the most ideal unit, because her single target skills both do a debuff, the rapier attack reducing defense while the phoenix flame attack reduces damage. However, we're not all born with luck in our fingertips, so if you don't have Rachel , its not the end of your CR life. Alternative units you can look out for:
Def Down:
  • Leo, Chancellor (same single target 80% def reduction as Rachel)
  • Sarah (AoE 50% reduction for both dmg & def)
  • Sylvia (AoE 50% reduction for def)
• Dmg Down
  • Sylvia (same single target 80% dmg reduction as Rachel)
  • Sarah (AoE 50% reduction for both dmg & def)
  • Leo (AoE 40% dmg reduction)
  • Chancellor (AoE 40% phy atk reduction, you can chain this with dmg reduction debuffs)
  • May (AoE 40% phy atk reduction, you can chain this with dmg reduction debuffs)
(Alternative: Bring along 4 of your units and use a friend's Rachel Rep! Summon immediately.)
• Buffers
Take note for buffs/passives, there's 2 types. One increases damage, the other increases attack type, physical/magical. With regards to stacking, the game will only take the strongest type.
Example A
Victoria 5* has a buff that increases 40% phy/magic atk. Minotaur Alli 5* has a similar buff that also increases 40% phy/magic atk. In this situation both skills will just overwrite each other. If you have a Victoria 6*, her buff increases it by 50%, so Minotaur Alli's buff is useless because it doesn't stack up.
Example B
Victoria 6* has a 50% phy/magic atk buff. Eileen 6* has a 60* phy atk passive. When Victoria buffs, only the magic atk buff works, the phy atk buff cannot overwrite Eileen's passive.
Example C
Victoria 6* has the 50% phy/magic atk buff. Howl 4* has a 40% dmg buff. For this case, the buffs will stack. Because both buffs deal with different stats.
Its important to understand this, to take note of the buffs that your units provide. This is also applied to debuffs, which is why earlier I mentioned that Chancellor's debuff can stack because it reduces the physical attack and not damage unlike the rest.
Handy Defensive Passives (In General):
  • Rudy: 60% Party Def Up
  • Evan: 50% Party Def Up
  • May: 50% Party Physical Dmg Reduction
  • Vellika: 50% Party Magical Dmg Reduction (Not optimal for CR as the seven knights deal Physical Damage)
  • Lucy: 50% Party Block Rate Up
  • Hellenia: 30% Party Block Rate Up, 40% Self Dmg Reduction
As of now, the only unit I have in mind for the best backliner in general is Jupy. On top of all her single target skills + Snipe Mode buff. She also provides the 50% Weakness/Lethal passive for the party. What Lethal does is 2 things
1) When it procs, it deals 1.3x damage onto the target.
2) It makes you target the lowest HP unit.
Since in CR you'll be left with the 7K alone, its pretty easy to keep dealing 1.3x on all your hits. There are plenty of other units that can fill up the spot, as long as they have a single target skill attack. (Take note: If you have a 4* Jupy and a 6* Sniper, go with the Sniper as your backliner instead. You can use Jupy as a support upfront if you have no other units to bring along.
Now comes the small details to make your daily runs better. Each 7 Knights has their own style of fighting, so each style will have their own efficient counters to deal with them.
[Mondays - Rudy]
One of the most annoying 7 Knight to fight out of all. Basically because when his shield is up you can't throw any debuffs at him. So the key strategy here is to have units that can remove his shield buff. Rudy's sword skill attack will also stun a single target,
Recommended units/strat:
  • Joker/Heavenia/Ariel, to remove Rudy's shield buff when he activates (you'll prolly need to bring 2 to cover each other's cooldowns, his shield buff has a pretty low cooldown from what I remember)
  • Karon, for his party stun immunity.
  • Sarah/Lucy can cure the stun status as an alternative, but his skill should cooldown alot faster than your rate of curing.
  • Delonse and May's single target skills will ignore Rudy's shield def (His Defence Passive) and deal max damage.
[Tuesdays - Eileen]
Currently there's no status effects from Eileen, so your best bet for today is to go all-out with DPS. I usually bring Victoria on this day for her buff (and also because in the future she will be the unit you need for immunity against Eileen's status)
Recommended units/strat:
In case you need some defense to help,
  • Evan/Rudy has party def passive. If you have both at 6*, just bring Rudy, his passive is stronger (60% for Rudy, 50% for Evan) and they can't stack.
  • Lucy has the party block passive (50% at 6*). Damage taken is reduced when successfully blocked, damage numbers indicated by white text.
[Wednesdays - Rachel]
The more dangerous status to receive from her is the def down, because that means the unit with that debuff will receive a whole lot of damage if attacked by Rachel.
Recommended units/strat:
  • Sarah/Lucy, to remove Rachel's debuffs.
  • Hellenia, this is an alternative suggesstion. Since her debuff is focused on a single target, you may want to use Hellenia's taunt to draw all the debuffs & attacks away from your party members (Rachel has a pretty decent counter rate, so that will still hit the unit that attacked and not Hellenia). Note that you may also want to bring Karon/Karin for a more focused healing power on Hellenia, since she will have the def reduction debuff on her.
[Thursdays - Dellons]
His single target skill can hurt pretty bad, but the most painful one would be his Silence status from the AoE, because it renders your team useless if you can't use skills at all.
Recommended units/strat:
  • Yui, for party silence immunity.
  • Sarah/Lucy, for the alternative method of using party status cure, but if they too get silenced, then you're pretty much screwed.
[Fridays - Jave]
His AoEs are pretty nasty with one being able to burn, and the other with a chance to inflict def reduction. So def passives may help out abit to deal with this situation.
Recommended units/strat:
If you decide to go with def passive setup,
  • Evan/Rudy has party def passive. If you have both at 6*, just bring Rudy, his passive is stronger (60% for Rudy, 50% for Evan) and they can't stack.
  • Lucy has the party block passive (50% at 6*). Damage taken is reduced when successfully blocked, damage numbers indicated by white text. Lucy can also cure statuses inflicted on your party.
  • May is really good to have here (or for any day actually), her passive reduces physical damage (should stack with Rudy/Evan's passive), but on top of that her AoE further reduces the enemy's physical damage further by 40%. Alternatively, you can also try with a double healer setup to deal with his AoEs,
  • Lucy, with her party block passive and her status cure ability
  • Karon/Yui, for the other AoE healer (Karon's other skill is a single heal strong heal, Yui's is the team AoE revive)
[Saturdays - Spike]
Probably similar to Dellons on fridays, the AoE freeze skill is nasty if you're not covered well enough.
Recommended units/strat:
  • Rania, for party freeze immunity.
  • Sarah/Lucy, for the alternative method of using party status cure, but if they too get frozen, then your team is pretty much fodder.
[Sundays - Kris]
This guy is prolly the trickiest of all the 7 Knights. He comes with a death mark on his skills, which
1) inflicts damage whenever you attack
2) and if the DoTs don't kill you, it turns into instant death if not cured by the 2nd turn. To make things even worse, even if you use a status cure skill, the unit will also take damage.
Recommended units/strat:
  • You can try relying on Spike/Jane for their self-status immunity passive or Rudy for his shield buff. For these units, when the death mark lands, they will take damage instead of receiving the status debuff.
  • Sarah/Lucy to keep Kris' undead debuff off. This one is trickier because every debuff removed the unit gets damaged.
  • You may want to consider bringing both Sarah and Lucy to cover abit more on the status cure aspect for this day.
I understand that it may be alot of information to absorb, but this information is gathered from personal experience from playing the KR version since last year, as well as collective advice from all the veteran players out there, particularly from the english community groups on Facebook.
If you find the information here useful, feel free to share them with your fellow guildmates and friends who are playing this game.
Cheers, and may you get all the S Boxes as soon as you can from Castle Rush!

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