[Guide] Special Hero Summon

You may only receive heroes from Special Hero Summon. Heroes can be summoned up to 90 times. Special Heroes can be summoned only once, and they can be collected from your inbox.
If you remain on the Special Hero Summon screen past midnight, you must return to the lobby and re-enter for the summon count and fees to reset.
Special Hero Summon has two types of summons: Normal Summon and Bonus Summon.
Normal Summon can be used once a day and costs Gold, while Bonus Summon can be used up to 89 times and costs Rubies and Topaz.
For Bonus Summon, the cost will increase the first 4 times times, but starting the 5th time, the cost will remain the same.
The Bonus Summon cost will reset daily at midnight based on the [S.Time].
Once you've started Special Hero Summon, you can acquire additional rewards once a certain number of summons is reached.
For 80+ summons, you can get a 6* Armor.
For 90 summons, you can get a 6* weapon.
You can participate in Special Hero Summon for 30 days from the start of the event. Select a hero to start the event. Your selected hero can be acquired through Special Hero Summon
The selected hero cannot be changed until the event ends or all 90 slots have been opened. If you've completed 90 summons before the end of the event, you cannot summon again until all 30 days have expired. Special Hero Summon is based on [S.Time].
Your current Special Hero Summon will end once the event ends. You can select a new hero after the event ends. Tap the remaining time icon to see how much time you have remaining.
  • Only Rachel is available for this month, so next month we might get another 7k or multiple ones to pick from?
  • You can enter the event page by pressing "Special Hero Summon" on the left side of the home screen, below INFO and NOTIFICATION
  • From what I've seen from mobirum screenshot, only 3 star and 4 star units appear
  • Bonus Summon (1) - 40 Rupies + 4 Topaz
    Bonus Summon (2) - 80 Rupies + 8 Topaz
    Bonus Summon (3) - 120 Rupies + 12 Topaz
    Bonus Summon (4) - 160 Rupies + 16 Topaz
    Bonus Summon (5+) - 200 Rupies + 20 Topaz
    Additional summons price reset every midnight Server Time.
    ~~Need to verify cost
Q) What is the minimum cost effective way to get Special Summon, assuming it is your last summon within the 30 day period?
A) 30 days of daily gold purchase = 300,000
2 extra summons using rubies + topaz per day for 30 days = 2,400 rubies + 240 topaz
Please tell me if there are any wording issues or additional information i can add to this so all 7kers know the best to get out of this.
Edit: Formatting and Info
Edit2: Updated values of topaz for additional summons - thanks /u/hellsward
Edit3: More information on bonus summon and game info - thanks /u/Morinev
Edit4: Made wording bit easier to understand - /u/Chendroshee
Edit5: Added FAQ for guaranteed Special Summon - /u/Zagaur

Credits By : Ciddle

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