Heroes Awakening Ariel - Seven Knights

Ariel Awakening

Maximum levels / abilities when enhance maximum
Max HPMagical PowerDEFSpeed Attack
Information Skills
Grace of God
1. Increases allies critical chance by 50%
2. Five(5) Void Shield from any kind of damage for 3 turns.
(Ignore penetration skill)"
Judgement of Light (Cooldown: 80 seconds)

Target all enemies with 100% magical damage, additionally chance to apply blindness for 2 turns.
Blinding Light (cooldown: 100 seconds)
Target all enemies with 100% magical damage, additionally penetrates & removes active buffs.
Awakening Skill
Star of Light and Darkness (arousal using skills)
Resets allies skill cooldown additionally Increase all enemies skills cooldown by 30s.

Battle Rating


This is not Seven Knights Guide ok?

Another day if the opportunity arises I will make Guide Awakening Hero before that I will investigate how to pattern of attacks the hero in battle

Sorry For Bad English Becuz i'm Use Google Translate ^.^

Help me contribution correct this translate/Bantu saya untuk memperbaiki terjemahan ini

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