Heroes Awakening Lee - Seven Knights

Maximum levels / abilities when enhance maximum
MAX HPPhysical PowerDEFSpeed Attack

Information Skills
Gong taboo
 1. Increase allies counter chance by 50%.
 2. Self immunity from damage for 3 turns.
 3. Reflect status ailment inflicted to him for 3 times.
Paedo destroy akgwon (Cooldown: 80 seconds)
Target 1 enemy (Highest Defense) & reduce HP to 1 HP, Additionally reduce buff timer for 3 turns.
Palma Defense (Cooldown: 74 seconds)
Target all enemies with 100% physical damage additionally deal extra 30% physical damage of targets max HP.
Awakening Skill
Kagebunshin No Jutsu (arousal using skills)
Summon 1 Clones with 100% power for 6 turns.

This is not Seven Knights Guide ok?

Another day if the opportunity arises I will make Guide Awakening Hero before that I will investigate how to pattern of attacks the hero in battle

Sorry For Bad English Becuz i'm Use Google Translate ^.^

Help me contribution correct this translate/Bantu saya untuk memperbaiki terjemahan ini

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