Next Update Hero Awakening Lina on Seven Knights Kakao/Korean Server

[Awakening Lina]

Yesterday Following the developer of the Notes for the new server,
I would like to quickly deliver a new awakening hero news of brave like us
Today, I would like to ask also your.

This time of awakening the hero of news is truly the heart of the legendary "Lina"!

Lina is in excellent ability and graceful appearance
It was loved hero among many of the mighty men of you.
Was the hero of the support type that was active in the more diverse content,
Now the utilization rate is low with the advent of powerful new hero and awakening heroes
It became the hero of not seen the former fame.
However, through this awakening
We expect the figure to "Lina" supports multiple hero of Seven Knights again.

After that, make me awake, "Lina" is asked what kind of performance, let's look at from now.

(* Awakening ophthalmology update schedule to have not yet been finalized,
Skill balance is subject to change)

Passive Skill
To grant immunity effect with respect to the reflection damage to all allies.
In addition, damage reduced by 40% of the effect for all of the damage has been granted to themselves

All of the state abnormal resistance probability will rise 70%.

- Henjinga (reuse time: 90 seconds)
Increase HP All Alies About 70% Magic Power to Instantly Recover, During Effect 2 Turns

During one further attack power and magic power, it is amplified by 50%.

- Warm sound (cooldown: 100 seconds)
Increase Ally Damage By 50%

Additionally Remove Buff

Awakening Skills 
Increase HP All Alies Total 150% Magic Power to Instantly Recover, During Effect 2 Turns

Awakening skills
In addition during the four turns, Increase 60% Receive All Damage Entiry Enemy

It was more than awakening "Lina skill Description"

Next, we'll explain the intent of the skills of change.

- The First, Passive Skill Effect
Ally to give the total reflection effect on the immune damage.
Under certain circumstances, a combination of vigilance and Lina
To strengthen the viability of a major ally dealers.
Give yourself to effect damage by 40% for all the damage.
All over the state of his resistance probability is 70 percent.
The Saints at the same time strengthen their own survival awakening Lina
This was to be a little more reliable support-type hero,
In combination with the warm sound skills and their status over the resistance increases the probability
Was intended to release the allies took over the state.

- Skill 1 Effect
Between the two turn the HP of all allies, 70% recovery of the magic power.
Increase the amount of recovery in the existing Henjinga, cool time sparingly
It strengthened the heal ability of awakening Lina.
Furthermore between attack power and magic force of one, 50% amplification.
At the same time, to amplify the attack power and magic power of the entire ally
Damage power of ally is going to change so that the skills to be able to support.

Skill 2 Effect
During the entire of damage two turns allies, increased 50%
Remove Buff All Allies
Existing damage increase buff is held, other capabilities have been added.
Giving the effect of removing harmful buff of all allies
And can be re-arranged or allowed to continue fighting ally Additionally on the situation, it was intended.

Finally, Awakening Skill
Full recovery ally + 60% increase in full all damage taken enemy
The vitality of the entire allied with the skills that can greatly recover Hill
All damage increasing effects of all received enemy will be added.
Instead of the traditional own lasting effect was the attack of the enemy and defense reduction,
When combined with other heroes walked the damage increase debuff the enemy of all received
It will be added to the utilization of skills that can be further increased.

More than that concludes the introduction to the awakening 'Lina.
Seven Knights with multiple content updates now,
If Lina is able to regain its reputation of the past once again, I hope you enjoy!

Today the developer notes Review hear a lot of comments on the Awakening 'of the mighty Lina
Many people I'll be back as a hero awakening updated satisfied.

In addition, the last of karma hero determined to remake a remake relief Vote
It will get to the public as soon as possible.

And For Me

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