Seven Knights Global/Asia Update 19 May 2016 : New Hero KwonHo, Topaz Changes, Ended Guild War, Special Summon LUBU


1) New Hero, Kwon Ho

Kwon Ho was abandoned as a child in the mountains, and were raised by tigers until a group of bandits found him. Kwon Ho saw the bandit leader as a father figure, and when the leader was killed by the Hwarangs, he rose to become the leader himself.

2) Lu Bu now available in Special Summons!

Were you lucky enough to get your hands on a Lu Bu yet? He’s a powerhouse for any deck, and if you haven’t had any luck so far, he’s now in the Special Summons board!

3) Guild War Season 1 Ended

Guild War Season 1 is now closed! Users who have qualified have been given special prizes! If you are in a Guild that has achieved 10,000 points or more, and you have acquired 12 or more Coins, we have given out an exclusive costume to you! The Pre-Season has started, so please hold for our next season!

Also, the special gifts that were promised for the Guilds in 1st~10th Place for each server will be given during next week’s update maintenance, and we’ll have a separate notice about it later so you won’t forget!

4) Topaz Shop Changes!

We have a big sale in the Topaz Shop! We have also now added the Moonlit Ore for you to buy, so make sure you visit the shop to look around! Also, your Topaz Shop purchases have been initialized so that you can start buying again!

5) Summon Shop Changes!

We have now added the 3-6★ Jewel Summon at the Summon Shop! Click the ITEM icon on the top right corner of the Summon Shop to check them out! We’ve done this before, we know, but this time it’s here to stay! Forever!!

6) Daily Dungeon Difficulty Changes

We have gotten rid of the Easy Daily Dungeons, and have decreased the difficulty for Normal Daily Dungeons! If you were still using the Easy levels, challenge yourself to the Normal ones because now you’ll be able to get your 3★ Elements more easily in the Normal Daily Dungeon! All the rewards that were previously available in the Daily Dungeon are no longer available, so feast yourselves on better rewards!!


7) Alice’s Gift- Jewels!

Alice has been to the Silent Mines for a restock, and she’s brought mountains of Jewels back! If you are short on farming Jewels or summoning Jewels at the Shop, you can get extra Jewels from Alice’s Gift menu! You can check all the details of the gift
Alice’s Gift period (Asia): 19th May after the update ~ 3PM 25th May (UTC)
Alice’s Gift period (Global): 19th May after the update ~ 6AM 26th May (UTC)

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