Seven Knights Korean Server Update 19 May 2016 : Added Awakening KRIS, Costume Resale, and New Costume


Add Awaken Kris

Skill Description 

Awakened Kris Skills (Final Ver)
Skill 1: Darkness Slash (cooldown 64 -> 90 sec)
Hit 2 enemy with 170% physical damage twice and give death debuff for two turn. Additionally chance to give death debut one more time. (On set of debuff after 1 turn life reduced to 50% and after 2 turns 100%, and if immune to crowd control give 100% damage additional damage. additionally if already death debuffed and applied again, instant death will occur)

Skill 2: Darkness Whisper (cool down 76 -> 90 sec)
AOE 90% damage twice. Additionally reduces heal rate by 70% and with a chance gives death debuff for 2 turns)

Passive: Soul Absorption
Every time an enemy unit dies, entire ally heals by 30% of their health, and basic attack has chance to give death debuff for 2 turns. Additionally when he is attacked, for every time he is attacked, he will only receive maximum of 30% of his health. when he dies, with the power of hades he returns to life for 3 turns.

Awakened Skill: Immortal Moon
With the power of Hades, entire ally returns to life as a immortal for 2 turns. While in immortal state their attack and magic is increased by 50%

Kris old costume resale

Chris awakening Memorial costume limited sale
- Sales period: Until May 19 update after June 2 days of (tree) (Thursday) 4:00
- Contents: During the event, Chris costume four limited sale

New 3 costume sales (Sein, Sieg, Sniper)

- Sales period: Until May 19 update after June 2 days of (tree) (Thursday) 4:00
- 20% at the time of purchase of the package discount!

GvG ban list > Lee, Yuri, Chancellor, Karin, Spike, Jiev

Guild Castle Inn buff system improvements

  • Added luxury inn buff system.
  • Buff application time will end at midnight.
  • Attack / Defense buff or buff all depends only by consuming when applied to gold
  • Delete the existing buffs and apply the ATK / all depends / defense buff of all three.
  • If the three primary buff buff to apply advanced buffs will not be buying.

Improvement of the tower of the abyss

  • Feature in the initialization of the hero placement] has been improved. 
  • click the reset button of arrangement, all of the participants hero except for the pet is released.
  • It will be highlighted a hero you are satisfied with star acquisition of conditions.
  • A check box is added to the star acquisition of conditions, will be displayed in the check [V] satisfies acquisition conditions.

Server selection window improvements

  • You have recently connected to the server will be shown on the main title screen.
  • Those at the bottom of the window, select a server the server character information (nickname / player level) will be shown.
  • Upon initial access information it will not be marked. Is referred to as "you can create an account."
  • If the guest login ID and nickname will be marked only.

Combination (upgrade) system restructuring

  • Hero other new components (elements and equipment) has been added.

gift box end of Rudy CM

  • Thurs., May 19th Box icon of Rudy CM after the updates are deleted.
  • Compensation remaining after deletion of the icon box is Rudy CM's not possible to receive more just ask, we receive.

Other improvements

  •  You can select the sound scenario is installed or not.
  ※You can download the game by selecting a scenario when the sound is installed or not to reduce the capacity.
  ※ When not sound installation by selecting it from the game [Preferences] → [Sound] You can re-download.
  • Adds sahwang ace, Son Goku, the hero, special hero follicles sohwangwon selection list.
  • The Awakening Chris Hero has been added to the [NPC heroes summon your friends list.
  • Chris Hero will be added to the awakening recommended equipment.
  • Equipment Book Equipment Book your transcendence has been improved.
  • The Senna Cup content will be added.
  ※ Senna Cup duel of warriors nimdeul up to No. 1 to 32 at the time of Monday morning, one is automatically selected as a participant.
  ※ Further information is available via the Sena cup game guide below.

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