Seven Knights Korean Update 26 May 2016 : Added Feng Yan Awakening, Costume Resale, New Costume, and New Pet System

The update, a new awakening hero good harvest and the new pets have been added -
Along with the past Lina, Feng Yan was a hero necessary!'
Again past of glory!

And pretty nice new pet!
Become a fun traveling with pets have a variety of effects -

Let's take a look at once for the last update of May along with the Sena amount ~
All the screen shots may have been taken from the test server, updates and actual difference.


Feng Yan Skill Description

Awaken Feng yan skill set is changed today

immune to all kind of damage 4turns, increase his weakness attack chance 70%, every his normal, swift, counter and Skill attack reduce his cooldown 10sec

Active 1
Single target with 400% damage additionally ignored def

Active 2
Targets all enemies with 100% damage additionally if less number of enemies to attack skill will increase by 50%

Awaken Skill
Single target with 1,000% damage additionally reduce target block rate 50% and increase his crit damage by 100% for 4turns

■ Feng Yan awakening Memorial costume resale
- Sales period: Until May 26 (Thursday) to June 2 (Thursday) 4:00
- Contents: Feng Yan during the event periode costume two resale

■ New costume one sale limited sale (Yunhee)
- Sales period: Until May 26 update after ~ June 9 (Thu) (Thursday) 4:00
- Contents: Events during the period Yunhee costume one limited sale

■ costumes app (immediate payment) Additional products
- A special app Costume (immediate payment) can hold to buy.
- Pre-existing costumes are buying Ruby, it is excluded from the app (immediate payment) products.
- Apply immediately upon purchase.
■ Revolution only three kinds of costumes BlazBlue collaborated limited release sales (Alicia, Kiri L. Ryan)
- Sales period: Thurs., May 26th to future updates ~ Sun July 31st 23:59
- Contents: Revolution only three kinds of costumes limited sales during the event

■ Add the Senna pet point
- If the synthesis of four or more stars of the pet, you can earn a "Senna pet points".
- If the point has become 100%, Senna pet Soviet fan Kwon will be paid to the mail box.
- Before the point is to 100%, if you won the Senapetto, point is initialized to 0%.
※ different "Senna pet points" in accordance with the synthetic grade.
Regardless of the synthesis results (success / failure) ※, "Senna pet points" are earned.

■ additional pet evolution system
- You can earn the same pet of the next evaluation in the same grade and pets.
ex) 4 star dello +4 resistance dello = 5 stars dello
4 star dello +4 star Lou = evolution not
- I do not have been trying to evolve the city 100% evolution fails.
- It can not be evolution case there is no next of evaluation pet. (If the final evaluation of adult 4, not evolution to 5 star)
- Has been used in evolution pets after evolution, will automatically disappear.

※ For more information, you can check by using the developer of the notebook. Click Me

■ Other improvements
- Awakening hero Pun'yon has been added to the [NPC friends hero summoning list].
- Awakening hero Pun'yon recommended equipment has been added.

■ Banlist Guild
- No

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