Developer’s Note: Special Dungeons Improvements

Hello, Knights. This is Dev. Wukong. 

In this Developer’s Note, we will be introducing improvements we have made to the Special Dungeons, as well as our newly added content, the “Advent Dungeon.”
In the case of the Special Dungeon, we have restructured the format so that from one screen, you can easily find and enter the dungeon you want.
The Advent Dungeon is new content through which you can acquire Special heroes like Ace easier than before, and this Advent Dungeon will be only available for a limited time.
Let’s take a look at more detailed information about the new content!

1. Special Dungeons Improvements

All of the available Dungeons are organized into tabs onto the Special Dungeon Main Page

Under the “All” tab, there is a list of all of the Special Dungeons you can enter at that time.Under the “Day” tab, you can see the list of the Daily Dungeons.The “Advent” tab shows the available Advent Dungeons.The “Event” tab shows the available Event Dungeons.

2. Advent Dungeon

[1] Summary 

The Advent Dungeon is divided into two types: The Advent Dungeon and the Special Advent Dungeon(In this update, only the Special Advent Dungeon will be added) 
■ You can acquire Heroes and Items by clearing the Advent Dungeon. 
■ The Advent Dungeon has an additional number of times you can complete it. 
■ Once you complete it the maximum number of times, you can not re-enter the Dungeon. 
■ You can only acquire a Special hero once regardless of the difficulty level you select in the game

[2] Core Rules

Advent Dungeon

(1) Concept ■ In this Dungeon, the scenarios focus on the Seven Knights and Four Lords characters. ■ Just as in the Raid, where you play against only one monster, you will have only one foe to defeat in the Advent Dungeon. ■ After completing the battle, players can receive a Special Hero or Item.
(2) Play ■ There are three difficulties offered: Easy, Normal, and Hard. ■ The “Friend” you can summon in the Advent Dungeon is not the Leader of your in-game friend’s team, but a preselected hero offered by the game itself.

(3) Rewards ■ You can acquire a 4-Star Ace according to a set rate. 
■ However, you can only acquire 4-Star Ace once per account through the Advent Dungeon. 
■ If you didn’t acquire Ace after clearing the advent Dungeon, you can acquire a 5~6-Star Item ticket instead of Ace.
Easy/Normal 5~6-Star Item (Seven Knights Item and Ace Four Lord Item Drops are possible) 4-Star Hero Ace
Hard 6-Star Item (Seven Knights Item and Ace Four Lord Item Drops are possible) 4-Star Hero Ace
We have finished our explanation of the Special Dungeon’s improvements and the Advent Dungeons.
We hope that with the addition of the Advent Dungeon, our respected Knights will have even more fun playing, and have less difficulty in the game.
Thank you and good luck with your adventure!
Dev. Wukong

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