Seven Knights Global/Asia Update 2 Jun 2016 : Added Item 4Lords, New Hero Bidam

This week’s updates are up! The new season of Guild War is here, and new items are being added with this update. Please read on for all the updated content!

1) Hero Rate Up Event

Were increasing the chance to get Lu Bu and Bi Dam! Try your luck during the times below:
Event Period: 2nd June ~ 9th June (1 week)
(Asia) 04:00~06:00        10:00~16:00
(Global) 19:00~21:00      01:00~07:00

2) Special Hero Summon Ticket Event

If you summon Special Heroes either 80 times or 90 times, and acquire the heroes below, you will receive the following awards:

80 Times
90 Times
6★ 7K Armor
6★ 7K Weapon
6★ Ace Armor
6★ Ace Weapon
Sun Wukong
6★ Sun Wukong Armor
6★ Sun Wukong Weapon
Lu Bu
6★ Lu Bu Armor
6★ Lu Bu Weapon
(Screenshot of Rewards detail)
*All of the rewards are given as selectors, not item tickets.

3) New Item – Four Lords items are newly added

We are adding some items that have incredible skills and options! Charge ahead and check out our new items!
 New Four Lords items have been added to the Special Item Codex in this update.

(Screenshot of Four Lord’s items window in the codex)

(Only 6-Star Four Lord’s items are available)

4) A New Hero Event (Bi Dam)

Part 1: Get Bi Dam
Its time to draw! If you get Bi Dam through the 10x 3-6 Summon at the Summon Shop within the event period below, well give you an Element to go with him!
Event Period: 2nd June ~ Until Next Update Maintenance
Reward: 4
 Element Ticket

*If you get Bi Dam through any other means than the 10x 3-6
 Summon at the Summon Shop, your entry will not be counted.
*You will only be given the reward once even if you get the hero multiple times.
*Rewards are given out after the event ends.

Part 2: Train your Bi Dam!
Now it’s time to rank up your Bi Dam to 6, Lv. 30! You can participate in this event regardless of how you get this hero, so fuse, draw or try your luck with your daily hero tickets!
Event Period: 2nd June ~ Until Next Update Maintenance
Reward: 6
★ 7k Item Ticket
*Rewards are given out after the event ends.

5) New Costumes Package Promotion Discount Event

Our Costume Discount Event is back! You can now buy the following 7 costumes for much less. Takeadvantage of this offer for Sun Wukong (Storm Commander), DiaoChan (Seaside Musician), Ming Ming (Mini Sailor), Feng Yan (Tidal Wave), Sieg (Sword of the Typhoon), May (Cute Sailor), and Bi Dam (Naval Battle).

Event Period: 6/2~6/16 (two weeks)

6) Alice’s Gift – Accessories this week!

Alice found a Box full of Accessories items, and she wants to share her joy with you! Collect your points and trade them in for her Accessories.
There are total of 12 levels of rewards you can claim according to the points you collected, and if you received all 12 rewards, you will not be able to receive any more rewards until Alice’s Gift reactivates next week.
Lists of Rewards
Reward 1
Reward 2
4~6★ Accessory Ticket
4~6★ Accessory Ticket
4~6★ Accessory Ticket
4~6★ Accessory Ticket
4~6★ Accessory Ticket
4~6★ Accessory Ticket
4~6★ Accessory Ticket
4~6★ Accessory Ticket
4~6★ Accessory Ticket
4~6★ Accessory Ticket
5~6 Accessory Ticket
5~6 Accessory Ticket
5~6 Accessory Ticket
5~6 Accessory Ticket
5~6 Accessory Ticket
(Screenshot of 12 level rewards)

Event Period:
2nd June after the update ~ 3PM 8th June (UTC)
2nd June after the update ~ 10PM 8th June (Thailand)
2nd June after the update ~ 11PM 8th June (Taiwan)
2nd June after the update ~ 8AM 8th June (PDT)
2nd June after the update ~ 6AM 9th June (UTC)
2nd June after the update ~ 1PM 9th June (Thailand)
2nd June after the update ~ 2PM 9th June (Taiwan)
2nd June after the update ~ 11PM 9th June (PDT)

7) Guild War Season 2 begins!

The new season for Guild War is here! If your guild collects over 10,000 points, and you personally have collected at least 10 coins, you’ll get Eileene’s Guild War Costume as a reward!.
*Rewards are given out after the event ends.

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