Seven Knights Korean Server Update 8 June 2016 : New Improvement System

All of the screen shots are taken on a test server, it may differ from the actual contents of the update.

Server closed (MA): Thurs June 9th 02:00 to 08:00 (6 hours)

- GvG pre-season 12 end and opening GvG season 12.
■ guild before pre-season exit 12 and 12 regular-season start
- Regular-season period can be changed according to schedule.
- Guild before admission are available through the "Guild" and "battle Entry".
- You can participate in the guild battle 12:00 to 23:30 every day.


  • Of the preparation time and the traveling time , the guild, which was less than 25 people, will be immediately abstained loses processing.
The guild at the time of withdrawal ※, the token obtained from the Guild automatically disappear, it will be non-recoverable.
※ Guild game pre-season will not be paid a season compensation.
※ compensation of the regular season 11 of the guild war will be able to receive up to before the guild race regular season 12 is started.
If you did not yet receive the season compensation, please receipt always in front of the check Update [season compensation]!
※ Guild members were new members will not be able to register the day of guild warfare, will be participating in the Gil de war in possession coins also 0 of state.
※ league of progress a result, when the guild of the same rank occurs, will be selected based on the following order of precedence.
1. guild warfare signs are more of guild (If the score of the guild war is the same)
2. win, draw, high on the losing order Guild (if guild warfare score, signs are the same)
3. progress in the order of the guild name of the consonant (if guild warfare score, signs, wins undefeated is the same)

  • Additional storage systems
  1. Warehouse provides an open during heroes, equipment, pet warehouse.
  2. It provides the first open-default as a hero, equipment and Cannes each hold 10 per pet.
  3. Reserves compartment can be purchased in-app (immediate payment) and can be purchased up to 14 times. (Total also holds a hero / Equipment / pet 150 spaces)
  4. Stored in warehouses heroes, pet equipment are not output to the synthesis and strengthen the material.
  5. [Storing], [Find] function can be found by selecting the hero, equipment, keep a pet or.
  6. Hero of the locked state, the device can also archive and search.
  7. Find the goods kept during the prescribed fee (Gold) is consumed.

  • Adventure Content Renewal (4 things)
- Function of adventure three times the mode will be added.
- Is used in the function key three times at the time of check of adventure 3 times mode, compensation of the results, will win a maximum of three.
- [Pet] also use the adventure three times the mode of wearing the golden box Mimic, it will be paid 500 Goldman.
- If you mimic the hero of the adventure was the appearance, special compensation will apply only one.
- Events, if the winning probability by buff guild skills has increased, will be applied to the final outcome of value.

■ The key to infinite purchase additional towers
- If the infinite tower silver of the key is not enough, you can replace the normal key.
- Quantity of keys required to exchange will increase in response to high rank.

■ Top-season and pre-season shutdown of the abyss 4 open
- The tower of the abyss has been improved by 30 to 90 story in the underground floor.
- The number of top challenge of the abyss has been enhanced three times → 1 circuit.
- If you meet all the conditions to clear, you can obtain a maximum of nine points from three stars per   point.
- The existing compensation on each floor that were cleared Ruby, keys, Heroes, Honor rewards have   been changed to provide a specific point.
- If you did not participate in the top of the abyss number of Entry it will be added to the next                challenge (up to 3 times)
- Once installed, the hero does not participate in three days.
- Ranked reference have been changed.
※ For more information, you can check the developer notes. Click Here

■ Lock System Improvement
- When the hero enhanced the General hero], [Elemental Hero] icon will be exposed.
- Elemental Hero] Hero exposed the elements are unlocked touch.
- Game [Settings] → [game] the functions [Heroes / pet Lock Mode has been added during                    connection.
- If you turn off the "hero / pet Lock" function when special elements and newly acquired hero will be unlocked automatically.

■ Guilty collaboration hero within the app (soon settlement) additional items
- Five Guilty collaboration hero sale
※ the product is a commodity in the app, hero summons, it will not be able to acquire synthetic, or the like.
※ Guilty collaboration Hero 5 species, it can transcend the transcendence of shape (Pina).
■ popular heroes ranking (duel) updating

■ Bug fixes
- If severe lag, the phenomenon is intermittent gameplay skill reuse time and time do not match
- Invalidated when the hero is wearing a reflective damage, symptoms occasionally invalidate the number is abnormally deduction
- Kyle, Ballista continued skills development of the sleep effects of damage to the stack is not removed intermittently

■ Before Guild ban heroes
- none

Additional Information Seven Knights Update

Credits By Goldsand
1. You can use normal key to re-enter infinite tower after you use all the tower key. (Number of normal keys use per 1 entry depend on floor number. Higher floor = more normal key use. Max = 5 keys)
2. Abyss tower = shut down pre-season and open Season 4 with new abyss system (reduce to one entry per day. Abyss now have only 30 floors. Ban hero for 3 days. Better rewards???)
3. Hero and pet lock System Improvement
4. Triple adventure mode (using 3 keys in 1 adventure = got tripple exp and tripple compensations. This is the reduce time use)

- Add Guilty Gear Hero collaboration.
- GvG ban list > None

**** Selectable Luminous event still not end after this MA ***

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  1. Kok saya gak bisa masuk ya abis update

  2. Why cant i login when the update finish

    1. Reload ur Seven Knights Guys and after open 7K please don't open SHOP

  3. How to loginnn i have try it but stilll cant loginnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  4. Balasan
    1. ① set in the list of applications ( System Settings or Preferences ) button please touch .
      ② ' General → Application Manager ( app or app management ) " Please select .
      ③ 'Play Store ' Choose .
      ④ Please click Delete Data and Clear Cache button .

  5. Do you know the special quest that in the first tab.. There the bottom line.. What is that mean?

    This is the ss

    1. yeah after update special mission is abandon date 16 June 2016

  6. I just awakened ALicia, but now i cant give her any equipment, can you tell me why?

    1. what u equipment in alicia ? max hp? spd atk?


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