Seven Knights List Event Korean Server 23 June 2016

Rudy Server (should be the same for Kris)

Lucky Seven Knights?

Period: 23rd June - 6th July 23.59pm

Access via the icon under Evan's Expedition quests on the right. If the icon is not there, try following steps:

1. Close the game

2. Change hange the timezone on your device to GMT+9 (Korea's timezome)

3. Open the game again and check.



> Complete event daily missions (circle images) and receive gold as rewards. These quest will be reset on daily basis at 6.00am. These quests might be different and if that happens, this post will be updated with notification.

25th June Missions:

1. Login game - 20k gold

2. Adventure 1 time - 20k gold

3. Arena 1 time - 20k gold

4. Blue Portal/Special summon 1 time - 20k gold

5. Celestial tower/Gold room 1 time - 20k gold

> Once you complete 5 event daily missions, you will be able to play a rotation game, which you will receive a random prize. The available prizes are:

- 2-4* random pet

- 3-6 random hero

- Random Sena Gem (no star specified, could be 4-6 randomly)

- 15 awaken crystals

- Gold ore (sell for gold)

- Random accessory

> Once you finish playing the rotation game, you will earn point (could be different every day). Accumulate these points and you can trade for the following prizes:

- 5 points: 6* Emp equipment selector (have a hint that it would be awaken but not too certain about it)

- 10 points: Special summon tickets which can obtain a random Sena/Lord/Emperor/Luminous/Crow unit (was hoping for a selector Q.Q)

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