Dedicated Boss World And Item Simple Guide Korean Server

- Dedicated Boss are on 2nd tap of Daily Dungeon's page. It has 3 difference difficult and 3 difference reward.
- Dedicated item is the item that give special bonus stats or ability to owner on item description.
- Max limit 3 try included all try on each difficult Easy, Normal, Hard
- Special Heroes, example for first date Gwanyu give bonus buff P.atk/M.atk to all allies 30 times of base stats. Or for each limit break give 25 times of base stats (Gwanyu lv 40, 25x5 = 125times of base stat)
- Boss has the same skills as World Boss StormWing
> StoneCursed, Silent, Reduce turn timer

All you nid is Special Key Hero each day this very important to boost team stats. If you dont have, DON'T do it even on easy mode. just skip that day. IT wasted you time and keys.

Difficulty of Boss
- Easy consumed 3 keys/try
> Reward : random equipment/ slightly chance to get dedicated item
- Normal consumed 5 keys/try
> Reward : random equipment/ more chance to get dedicated item
- Hard consumed 10keys/try
> Reward : 100% random dedicated item

My suggest team
- AwakenSein : put on backliner to be main DPS
- AwakenSieg : increase boss skill cooldown, reduce our team skill cooldown, book took more damages
- AwakenAlicia : immune to status, more immune from awaken skill, increase boss skill cooldown
- Rachel : ruduce boss atk and def
*all my suggestion unit equip with at lesst 1 Life steal item
- Special Hero : very IMPORTANT to boost team atk

*Note thus boss is not that hard as World boss the HP just trick from develope
*Note2 all dedicated item still to come in the future

credit : Nantika Seven Knight TH

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