Get Rich Update 26 August 2016 - Are You Enchanted With Me ?

Are you enchanted with me?! 

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with Limited Packages by IAP [In-App Purchase] Playstore & Appstore
Just follow me !

Limited Package#1 Only $1

* Don’t have Limited Count but can buy 1 time only
  • Sealed Stone Cardpack (70-1,000)
  • Real Diamond Cube (30-1,000) 
  • Gold Pendant Gacha (50,000-1M)

Limited Package#2 At least 200 Sealed stones, Max to 10K!

Amount Packages: 5,000 

  • Sealed Stone Cardpack [x10] (200-10,000)
  • S 2016 Sally Card x2
  • Gold Pendant Gacha x2

Limited Package#3 At least 700 Sealed stones ,Max to 10K! 

Amount Packages: 5,000 

  • Sealed Stone Cardpack [x10] (700-10,000) 
  • S 2016 Sally Card x3
  • Gold Pendant Gacha x3
  • Transcendant Gem Box x3
* Gold Pendant Gacha chance to get 1,000,000 gold! (Resell Lucky Gold Pendant to get GOLD!)

Diamond Promotion!

  1. Buy 88 Diamonds#1 Get Sealed Stones x100 (1 time/event)
  2. Buy 88 Diamonds#2 Get A Psyche's Headband Card (x1) (1 time/event)
  3. Buy 220 Diamonds Get Sealed Stones x50 & Jackpot card pack (x1)
  4. Buy 440 Diamonds Get Sealed Stones x100 & Jackpot card pack (x2)
  5. Buy 880 Diamonds Get Sealed Stones x200 & Jackpot card pack (x4) & Sealed stone Cube (x2) & S+ Exclusive Expand Slot Card (x1) &  Bright Gem Box (x1)
* Jackpot Card Pack: random get 3,000~50,000 Gold or 50~400 Diamonds
** Sealed Stone Cube can get Max to 2,500 Sealed Stones!
Period : 26 August 15:00 - 30 August 15:00

The Headband decorated with flower is so beautiful...right

S Psyche Card


S+ Psyche Card 


S+ Psyche's Dual-Ability

1. When construct 3 buildings, Chance 13~33% go to START!
(Increase 2% when it’s not working)
2. When Construct Landmark 80% of generating blackhole to link Landmark and the selected area. [New!]
How to get: Sealed Stone Shop, Fixed Combination S Psyche get S+ Psyche (only during the event period), Jackpot Draw
Got it and Get Free! Got these Pendants below in this period, get diamonds
- Got S+ Psyche Card, Get Free 200 Diamonds
** Reward will be sent to mailbox on 30 August 19:00

Special Buff Ability

1. Condition : When upgrade S+ Psyche Card to Max(Lv.30) in this event period, increase all these abilities below for 2 weeks after upgraded
= When Blackhole generated , 80% randomly increasing toll fee 2,4 or 8 times in Blackhole area. [New!]

Jackpot Draw by 5 Diamonds  [no guarantee 5,000 gold]

  1. S/S+ Psyche Card
  2. S+ Exclusive Expand Slot Card
  3. A Psyche's Headband Card
  4. Transcendent Gem Box
  5. Bright Gem Box
  6. Sealed stone Max to 4000

Sealed Stones Shop

  • A Psyche's Headband Card use 500 Sealed Stones [use A Psyche's Headband Card x5 Get S+ Popular Character Cardpack 0826]
  • S+ Exclusive Expand Slot Card use 1,000 Sealed Stones [Normally, 2500]
  • Bright Gem Box exchange card use 1,000 Sealed Stones
  • S+ Chloe Card use 8,000 Sealed Stones
  • S+ Ejeab Card use 5,000 Sealed Stones
  • S+ Drama Addict Card use 2,000 Sealed Stones
  • S Psyche Card use 6,000 Sealed Stones
  • S+ Psyche Card use 10,000 Sealed Stones

Exchange Psyche's Headband

Exchange Psyche's Headband card x5 get S+ Popular Character Cardpack 0826
S+ Popular Character Cardpack 0826 can random get:
>> S+ Psyche Card, S+ Chihiro in swimsuit Card, S+ The Witch Joan of Arc Card, S+ Ejaeb Card, S+ Samurai Reina Card, S+ Drama addict Card, S+ Yoon-A in swimsuit Card, S+ Daniel Card, S+ Katrina the blue fairy in swimsuit Card, S+ Chihiro Card

Daily Login Rewards

Login on 26 Aug [15:00~24:00] Get 20 Diamonds
Login on 27 Aug [12.30~24:00] Get Sealed Stone x20
Login on 28 Aug [12.30~24:00] Get 20 Diamonds
Login on 29 Aug [12.30~24:00] Get Sealed Stone CardPack x1
Login on 30 Aug [07.30~15:00] Get 20 Diamonds

Treasure Hunt [Defend Mode] : Reward UP

  • Win 10 times get Sealed stone x15
  • Win 50 times get Sealed stone x20
  • Win 100 times get Sealed stone x40
  • Win 180 times get Premium Card Pack
  • Win 220 times get Sealed stone x50
  • Win 230 times get Sealed stone x100
  • Win 240 times get Premium Card Pack x5 
  • Win 250 times get 200 Diamonds

Increase upgrade character rate:

Increase chance to get EXP x1.5 above (Use material for upgrade less than normally)

Increase Mileage Points x5:

When send Clover will get 5 mileage points (From 1 mileage point)
When send Gold Clover will get 15 mileage points (From 3 mileage points)

Champion League event come back~: 

  • Win in champion league get Sealed Stones x2
  • Lost in champion league get Sealed Stones x1.5

Play more, Get more! Round rewards

  • Round 1 : 10 Diamonds
  • Round 2 : 10,00 Gold
  • Round 3 : Premium Card Pack x1
  • Round 4 : 20,000 gold
  • Round 5 : Sealed Stones x20

Win Completion Rewards (1 Time/Event)

  • Win Triple Completion : Sealed Stones x100
  • Win Line Completion : Sealed Stones x100
  • Win Tourism Completion : Sealed Stones x100
Period : 2 August 15:00 - 30 August 15:00

Limited Mission!! 14 new mission for you~ 

Zoom To Detail Event

Come and Join the Mission! Ultimate Rewards!

Over 13,999 Baht Value!!!!

Chance to get amazing rewards!

  • Mission1: Upgrade Dice to Lv.5 GET Premium Card Pack(x10)
  • Mission2: Draw card from shop 1 time GET Premium Card Pack(x10)
  • Mission3: Draw card from shop 1 time GET B Sally 2016
  • Mission4: Get A class card from card combination GET [Mission] No.1 Cube
  • Mission5: Get S+ Pendant from Mission Completion GET A+ Material Light Ticket(x5)
  • Mission6: Upgrade S class pendant 1 time GET S Material Light
  • Mission7: Upgrade S class pendant to MAX GET S Transcendent Light Ticket(x6)
  • Mission8: Get S+ class pendant from pendant combination GET [Mission] S Light of Honor
  • Mission9: Recombine S+ Success GET [Mission] No.2 Cube
  • Mission10: Get S Card from Mission Completion GET S+ Exclusive expand slot card
  • Mission11: Expand card slot 1 time GET Transcendent Gem Box
  • Mission12: Equip gem 1 time GET S Sally Card Pack(x5)
  • Mission13: Upgrade S+ class card to MAX GET [Mission] S+ Popular Pendant Selection Cube
  • Mission14: Purchase pendant by Sealed stones 1 time GET [Mission] S+ Popular Pendant Selection Cube
*For New users and  Return users Only, Current users will not have Limited mission

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