Seven Knights Korean New Improvement 24 August 2016 - Improving Special Dungeon, Improve Dedicated Equipment and Improved Guild System

What if they really news! Let's take a look at?

But today is special explanation We will give divided into Part 1 and Part 2 ~

In this section

- Improved Special Dungeon
- Improved dedicated equipment
- Improved guild system

So all three - grows UP

So what Let's look more closely from now?

No. 1 Special Dungeon Improvements

In the special dungeon, three methods take a look I have been a new change - one by one.
First, change to be able to buff hero is set up to a maximum of five people at a time .

Although buff hero conventional It was difficult to receive a buff effect by one person.
appeared effect When you place a two buff hero or more people to duplicate buff hero is up to five people maximum in the future

It will become easier to clear the special dungeon?

I then added that the two new special dungeons to ~
You can obtain the "Gold Dungeon" and the only revolutionary heroes can earn gold just "revolutionary single dungeon,"

New dungeons have been added, but will participate in a special dungeon dungeons maximum number of specials throughout all three kind
I can not let you entry.

Of course, that number is deduction apply must clear the dungeon Special!
In other words,

Two times Gold Dungeon clear, if the revolution only a special dungeon dungeons cleared once exhausted the number of positions!
Gold Dungeon cleared two times, the revolution only a special dungeon dungeons failure or maintain the number one position when giving up!

So - please be comfortably seen capture the dungeon not be afraid to heroes like all fail!

We're broadening for the last improvement of special dungeon
Special and broadening occurs in all of the monsters in the dungeon -

~ The monster becomes more and more strongly each time a certain turn has passed!

However, instead of the boss battle or siege, if the broadening progresses slowly, you will should already eaten fear?

Now would you points of interest in the following information?

No.2 Dedicated Equipment Improvements

Second, we know immediately improvement of dedicated equipment.

Even to wear a dedicated equipment of the past, whether or not the option to my character has been well applied is, there was from time to time during the confusion -

Can not be obtained now option, when wearing the equipment other characters!

That it's appointments to make is reduced which represented a warning phrase to attach the wrong equipment -

For example, is a dedicated equipment of YeonHee, try to wear the item "sleep pillow YeonHee" to another character!
(This warning is shows up!)
I hear you plans to optional equipment equipped with additional clarity more a part that does not apply the option be greyed!
(A character that does correct on a dedicated equipment)
(Character for dedicated equipment)

No.3 Guild System Improvement

Category Guild System Improve

- Specify the-oriented content of the guild
- Guild search filtering function
- Provision of Guild additional information
Oriented content, it can be specified, as can be seen whether the most important, the kind of content hero like the guild ~

Oriented content, can be specified in the first when you founded the guild and guild management screen.

First, we'll look at from the guild founding screen ~

You can apply by selecting only one of a variety of content can be changed at any time via the guild management screen ~
This is the guild search filtering function However -

The guild search screen, I'm going to classify button, such as the following may be applied.

Press the Category button!
As pictured below, retrieval of detailed conditions screen is displayed on the left -
In other words, when you click the search by checking the conditions of your choice one by one, and are displayed the guild list under the conditions that you selected on the right side high.

Below the screen is a screen example when you search and check the conditions to join the guild, which aims to free duel -

OK now preview the content of a guild that directed through the search and filtering function

It fits easily in a warrior's heart! Guess can join the guild did?

Of course, you will select the entire guild that all the search! Don't forget -

Guild improvement in the delivery provide the final drill information, additional information Guild - 

Previously, only the guild was able to find information on the guild screen

Week siege recorded shown in the above picture, the tournament record, guild castle, the guild duel average rating, content-oriented Two-parent been able to find one at a time -
only! Please remember that the end of the tournament this season can check the record!

In addition, the siege of one week record, the average rating of the Guild Institute duel, oriented content have can be confirmed by the mighty who have been subscribed to the guild ~
In Guild main screen as shown in the picture below, you can confirm the average rating and the content of the directivity of the duel.

Siege of one week of recording, you can see on the left side of the screen of an existing guild history ~

The improved so that you can easily find that you want the Guild on guild system!
I hope all veterans search we'll find a nice guild!

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