Quick Big Update Improvement Seven Knights

Quick Big Update Improvement Seven Knights

Adventure mode improvement

Adventure mode improvement

  • Next auto adventure mode AI, it will be automatic move to next map. eg. start with World1-1 when this map finish ai gonna move to World1-2.
  • Adventure mode skip option for none finish map yet, this mode game system will pass the map auto but maxed star you gain only 2*, if you want to finish those map 3* you nid to play by manual.

Guild Siege Hard mode improvement

Guild Siege Hard mode improvement

  • AI Sena boss each day CC status adapted from 3 turns to 2 turns
  • Buff Creeps(Chancellor, Rook, Aragon) HP from 1.5time to 2time for more over scores.
  • Scores after adapted from finish 2nd wave will be 50,002scores, this mean if you guild members perfect attempt 30members and finish only at least 2nd wave your guild get B rank chest Hard mode from 1.5m scores.

And if all your whole guild can clear until 3rd wave creep(excluded Sena Boss) and each member get 83,348scores, for perfect attempt and clear all creeps whole guild scores would be 2.5m = A rank chest Hard mode.

  • New Sena points mileage add Dark Knight points mileage this mileage increase only from Hard mode guild siege, and even if you get Dark Knight from chest this mileage NEVER reset!!

Gvg mode improvement

Dedicate item stats improvement

  • From only 3 range stats

eg. old stats 30/165/300
to new range of stats....30/31/32/33........../298/299/300 lol

New feature Tooltips skill

Luminous and Treasure dungeon improvement

  • From 3 attempts per day to more over attempts

New features Find/Delete/Favorite

source : http://cafe.naver.com/sevenknights/15943292
translate credits by Nanthika Seven Knights Thailand

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