World Boss Umawang Strategy Seven Knights

World Boss Umawang Strategy


has magic atk type and magic AOE skill with stone cursed(petrify) and bleeding effect count as twice hits. reduce turn buff oso.
Boss can summon minions, you nid to kill all minions first before atk the boss. if minions still alive you can deal only 1 dmg on boss.
Minion has explosive AOE skill with 999999999999 damages so 100% dead if minions use explosive.
BTW speed mean less on this boss and increase enemies cooldown has none effect on this boss.

So me recommended units are 

  1. DPS(Sein,Jupy,Pascal)
  2. AOE Penetrate skill(Espada, Jeiv, Karma, Teo, Kiriel, etc,)
  3. Rachel *recommended*
  4. Espada *very important recommended for immune to bleeding and decrease enemies magic damage.
  5. Jake *recommened* immune to stone cursed(petrify) and decrease boss magic atk.
team above can handle on both Easy/Normal mode if you have all those units me recommended above better try on Normal mode bcs the reward are very big difference between Easy and Normal.

Battle Preview Versus Umawang

 Video Guide Skill turns & only use 1 hero AOE penetration

Credits Video Guide by Cx언더파

Damage Score: 16M (Normal Mode)

Strategy Boss By  Suppakorn D. Kitchamnong

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