Awakened Raid Recommended Heroes

Awakened Raid Recommended Heroes

After improvements were made to the Awakened Raid and Raid, we received a lot of feedback from everyone and were able to root out what you found disappointing. These are the improvements we are looking to make.

For those who cleared Awakened Raids consistently day in and day out, it would take 2 or more tries to clear the higher level raids as Awakened Destroyer Gaze’s level and stats increased. Although regular raids could be cleared with friends, Awakened Raids are played solo and so the gameplay would get repetitive and long.

To make positive changes, we would like to add a system that will shorten the Awakened Raid play time and make it more enjoyable for everyone. Introducing the raid buff hero system!
*This system will only apply to Awakened Raids.

One hero will be selected and given the Awakened Raid Buff each day. If you enter an Awakened Raid with the selected hero, you’ll receive a buff that increases your P.ATK/M.ATK/DEF by a set amount.

Also, there will be an additional P.ATK/M.ATK/DEF buff based on the selected hero’s Transcendence phase. If the hero has been transcended, it would be like getting a double buff.
The selected hero’s rank will matter as well. If a 6★ Rudy was chosen as the hero to receive the buff, a 5★ or 4★ Rudy will not receive the buff.

The buff will remain active for the selected hero for a set period of time, so even if you don’t own the selected hero, you can still acquire and develop that hero to take into an Awakened Raid.
We have selected “Karon” and “Espada” as our first selected heroes to receive the buff. (Once Karon’s buff expires, Espada’s buff will start.) Please think of this week’s buff heroes as a trial run and enjoy! Remember to leave us feedback regarding the system and the usage duration. If this buff hero system becomes official in the future, the selected hero’s buff duration may be adjusted for balance.

We also plan on letting you know in advance which heroes will be selected as a buff hero so that you have plenty of time to prepare. At this time, we’re still in the process of discussing how to go about doing this. Once we know, we will let you know.

These Awakened Raid Buff Heroes aren’t absolutely necessary in order to clear Awakened Raids. However, if you have the buff hero on your team in an Awakened Raid, the buff will provide the means to shorten the time it takes to defeat the Awakened Destroyer Gaze. We are confident that once you experience how quickly and swiftly you are able to clear the raid, you will really like this new system. The faster you defeat the Awakened Destroyer Gaze, the more time you have to enjoy the other features of Seven Knights.

Lastly, after the raid update, we took a look at increasing the reduced rewards for clearing high level dragons after hearing your objections. What do you all think about the changes below?

Time-Based Reward

After this recent raid update, the feedback we received the most is that the reward given for defeating high level dragons is not enough based on the time it took to defeat them. We agree with you all, so we want to make the following changes to lessen your burden. 

1) Increase the rewards based on play time

The Horns/Scales you could acquire after defeating a Lv. 50 or higher Destroyer Gaze will be increased. This means that the higher the level of the dragon, the more material will be dropped from the reward chest.

2) Item drop from the reward chest

The raid items that no longer dropped after the raid update will now drop at a certain rate for Lv. 50 or higher Destroyer Gazes. Only 6★ raid items will drop and these items will not only be available as a reward for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place players, but also for the Finder’s/Participant’s Chests.
Please note that items will be dropped for participation reward chest regardless of your player Level.
For low Level users, there is no reason not to participate in the higher Level Destroyer Gazes.
You now have the chance to power up awakened items and get raid items that you could only get from crafting.

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