Developer Notes “Tower of Abyss Shop” Changes

Developer Notes “Tower of Abyss Shop” Changes

Greetings Noble Knights, this is Dev Wukong.  

 I’ve come to you all this week with news regarding the changes that will be made in the Shop for “Tower of Abyss.”

Currently, the higher up you go in the tower, the difficulty level increases and the requirements become harder and harder.

Because of this (and the expensive prices), it takes a very long time to acquire all of the Stars needed to purchase pricey items such as “Exclusive Deals!”(Special Item) in the shop. In order to lighten the load for our knights, we will adjust the overall prices and change the items in the Tower of Abyss shop. The following prices and item changes are in the works.

New Tower of Abyss Items List

 Items To Be Removed

 I’ll explain why we are trying to make these changes.   
We wanted to create clear objectives for each feature, which is why we are looking to remove the Hero/Element Tickets from the Tower of Abyss Shop. 

With the update to the Tower of Abyss (and Castle Rush), and the introduction to the World Boss, there is a divide for the different types of points you can acquire from each feature. Currently, you can get various low grade items from the Shops linked to different features. 
We realized that the prices for high grade items in these Shops were exorbitantly high for the points you would accrue for playing, and took into account that instead of increasing the desire for the items, you would have felt discouraged. To offset this concern, we want to lower the prices in the Shops and make the items more exclusive to each Shop. 
We want to create a supply and demand on items and accessories from the Tower of Abyss Shop. Our goal is to definitively shorten the time it takes to trade for Gold and high ranked items, and draw an item as a clear reward each day.   

Also, we’re looking to add an Accessory Ticket and Selector in order to shorten the time required to get worthy rewards.   
Then, let me introduce the first ‘Special Item’! 
This is the Special Item that is available for purchase during the current “Tower of Abyss Season 1.”     

This ring will block the Damage received by the hero who has equipped this accessory for set number of hits. 

However, this won’t stack for heroes (Lu Bu, Noho, etc.) who have existing skills of the same type. For accessories that will be added in the future, it will follow this standardized rule (as a buff that won’t stack).   
The accessory’s stats will always be applied first when the accessory is equipped on heroes who already have the same buff.    

The “Special Item” will be changed after each season, but will still be available for purchase for a certain amount of time after the season ends. This is to encourage our knights to continue entering the Tower of Abyss to get the Star Points needed on top of getting the season reward.   

With the item changes in the Tower of Abyss Shop, we realize that these changes could be uncomfortable for users who used to trade for Hero/Element Tickets. However, we will soon be making improvements to the Shops for all of the features (Castle Rush, World Boss, etc.) so that each feature will have items more exclusive to its own Shop.   

Thank you. 

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