Introduction New Awaken Seven Knights - "Burning Ice Heart" Spike

Awakening Heroes Seven Knights Spike

Seven Knights Awakened Spike
Burning Ice Heart - Spike

Seven Knights Scenario Awaken Spike

Also in the "Night Crow" tab and a café main banner frozen relations,
And "Theo" illustrations "Carl heron" changes, such as
Following the last week, about the slight changes in the "Seven Nights" to this week's update

Brave of you saw that'll put a lot of statements.
Its hero is soon to brave of you gave me most of the story
Is an awakening developer notes hero of today is a "spike".

Spike is a typical hero with a 'immune status over' effect from the Seven Knights
I got a mighty long period of love.
After emerging revolution by stages 'Alicia' Night Crow and Carl Heron "was found in its place.
But the importance of the state as no longer attack incidence in order to prevent those attacks
Many of the warrior everyone it seems to be he enjoyed the "Seven Nights" and "spike" again.

Besides simply because the effect of "state immunity over" most excellent
Other abilities are manifested through this spike For now, lacked a lot
We will be ready to be more active than that.

Severe cold of the tyrant through this time of awakening "spike" is
Or come back in any form, let's look at the bottom.

(* Eye was awake update schedule is not finalized performance of the skill
Mighty enemies with your balance through feedback and ongoing worries
If you believe that the problem may vary)

Skill Description

"Burning Ice Heart" SPIKE 
require 500 Awkn Crystal

1. Self immunity from damage for 4 turns.
2. All allies immune to debuffs for 3 turns.
3. Survives with 1 HP when attacked over its own HP.

Skill 1 (75s)
Target 3 enemies with double 170% physical damage, additionally penetrates through damage immunity.
(Accumulated damage inflicted equals to 340% physical damage)

Skill 2 (80s)
Target all enemies with double 110% physical damage, additionally High Chance to freeze for 2 turns.
(Deal extra 200% physical damage after freeze ends & accumulated damage inflicted equals to 220% physical damage)

Awaken Skill
Target all enemies with double 2000 Fixed Damage, additionally applies freeze for 2 turns.
(Deal extra 300% physical damage after freeze ends)
cr. Ren Bradley Advincula

Dedicated Equip "Special Option (random)"

if equipped by AwakenSpike
- Critical Chance 20%
- Block Chance 20%
- Increase awkn spike passiv immune debuffs +1turn (max 4turns)

Skill Preview

Skill 1

Skill 2

Awaken Skill

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