Revamp Ring Ring and Yui Seven Knights Korean

- The first update of October has been found!

This time, using the developer of the notes, ear Wing hero who give advance guidance!
Remake of Lingling and Yui and the proceeds! + Oi +

Let's see the details whether the two hero has changed in any form.

Lingling remake

Translate Skill Description Revamp Ring Ring Aka Ling Ling

Passive Skill
  1. All allies immune to debuffs for 2 turns.
  2. Grant immunity from damage reflection for all allies."
Skill 1 ( CD 100s)
Targets 1 enemy with 600% magic damage, additionally reduce buff duration for 3 turns.

Skill 2 ( CD 95s)
Targets all enemies with double 70% magical damage, additionally penetrates through damage immunity. (Accumulated damage inflicted equals to 140% magical damage)

- Existing capacity value Masu slightly upward.

Yui remake

Translate Skill Description Revamp Yui

Passive Skill
  1. Increase allies counter chance by 40%.
  2. All allies immune to silence & burn for 9 turns."
Skill 1 ( CD 90s)
Heal all allies with 60% magical attack, additionally Increase allies total damage 40% for 2 turns.

Skill 2 ( CD 142s)
Revive all fallen allies with HP 40%, increase HP recovery by 10% upon ressurection when less people revived. (max 70%)

- The existing abilities will be slightly increased.

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