World Boss Guide For Global/Asia : IRON DEVOURER

World Boss Guide For Global/Asia : IRON DEVOURER

IRON DEVOURER World Boss Seven KnightsStorm Wing World Boss Seven KnightsUmawang Seven Knights World Boss

So, we all know that Trollmarble has updated World Boss to G/A Server last update. But many people encountered problem while participated these bosses, so I wrote a small guide for newbies on this one.

What is World boss? Why do I have to participate in this one?

World boss(WB) is a new game content that Trollmarble has added last update, where all players of server fight against a boss. 
There are 3 bosses: Iron devourer, Storm wing and Niu Mo Wang. World Boss season will last half week and will take 4 hours to determine the rank.
Basically, World Boss has 2 mode, Easy and Normal.

  • When participate in easy mode, you won't get bonus World Boss point after the battle. The World boss point will be distributed in the end of the season and depend on your damage deal. You can check the table below for more details.
World Boss Score

  • When participate in normal mode, you will get bonus World Boss point after the battle, just like the Castle Rush. And in the end of the season, you will receive more WB points depend on your rank (which is determined by the dmg you deal to the boss).
 For each 10k dmg, you will receive 2 bonus point.  (ex. 1->9.999dmg you get 2 points, 10.000->19.999 you get 4 points , 20.000->29.999 you get 6 points )

 Keep in mind that if you participate in both Normal and Easy, you won't be able to receive season reward of Easy mode. So if you can't reach top 60% in Normal, just participate in Easy mode.
  • The Word Boss Point is used to purchase jewel in shop. And the World Boss Jewel is extremely expensive. 

Detailed guide for each boss



  • Speed Attack: 60
  • Damage type: Physical 
  • CC: Paralize, Poison, remove buff

You need to attack the middle head to deal dmg to this Hydra, the 2 others will receive only 1 dmg. So our strategy is focus on the middle head.

The Backline

The one that reduce damage and def

Rachel is really good hero for World Boss, she can reduce the damage and def of the boss, maximize the damage deal. I suggest you should build 1 for both C.R and World Boss.

Substitute Heroes:
  • May: reduce the Physic Attack of the Boss and reduce physical damage receive for team, but the damage to boss of your team will be small
  • Ace: maximize damage to boss, but your team will become squishy
 Poison Immunity
Baijiao: he buffs Lethal, Attack and grants Poison immunity for team. A good one.
Asura grants paralize immunity and helps your team focus on the main head. 
And she can also heal your team!

 The Skill Delayer

Substitute Heroes:

Hero Fuctional: Hardly find a good substitute one for Asura. If you don't have Asura, I suggest you to use Jupy or Baijiao to increase Lethal for your team, and pray they will attack the middle one.

Using Xiao will make the boss hardly use his skill, increase the sustainability of your team. I personally think Xiao is really a good one for all World Bosses.

Substitute Heroes: 

If you don't have Xiao, you can use Ace to maximize the damage to boss.

In conclusion, my team for The Iron Devourer is Shane, Rachel, Baijiao , Asura and Xiao.

Note: I'm Just Share 

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