Seven Knights Korean Server New Accessories

Korean Server New Accesorris

Advanced Gelidus Wrath

Apply ignore defense on base attack

 Advanced Killer

 Physical & Magic Attack increased by 30%

blessing of Luxury

When attacked, each attack deals up to 45% damage of maximum health

 Breath of Luxury

30% chance on skill attack to reduce damage of target 40% for 2 turns

 Guardian of Advanced Gelidus

Grants HP Shield 2000

 Patience of Advanced

Reduces Damage from Fixed Damage by 60%

 Punishment of The High-Grade

Apply 60% chance of penetration effects to base attack

 Roar of The Advanced

30% chance on skill attack to deal extra 15% damage to target's maximum health

 Styling of The Advanced

30% chance on skill attack to Reduces the magic attack enemies by 40% for 2 turn

 The Jellyfish of The High Grade

30% chance on skill attack to deal 1000 fixed damage

 The Power of Advanced Gelidus

Survives with 1 Hp when attacked over its own Hp

 The Power of Advanced

Immune to reflect damage

 The Power of Luxury

Apply critical strike effect on base attack

 The Punisment of the advanced

Fixed damage increased by 50%

 The Wisdom of Advanced Gelidus

30% chance on skill attack with reduce buff 1 turn.

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