Seven Knights Korean Update 17 November 2016

Seven Knights Korean Update 17 November 2016

In this update, remake of Teo followed by Remake of Lin,
We are going to improve special dungeons guided by developer notes, guild attendance compensation!

※ All screenshots are taken on a test server, and may differ from actual updates.

Teo remake

  - Existing ability is slightly raised.

Added one special equipment (Teo)

  • Exclusive equipment can be equipped when the Hero's level is 36 or higher.
  • Dedicated equipment can be obtained from [Adventure Entry] → [Special Dungeon] → [Typhoon Wing].
  • Teo exclusive equipment can be acquired during [Adventure Entry] → [Special Dungeon] → [Event Dungeon] → [Tao Dungeon] during the event.

Teo Remake costume resale

- Period: November 17 (Thu) After update ~ November 24 (Thursday) until 04:00
- Description: Tao costume will be resold during the event.

【The Cross of the Black Wolverine】

【Breeze Moon】

Improvement of Special Dungeon

  • Daily entrance times will be changed. (3 times -> 1 time)
  • You can sell the consecutive seat of the study to the special dungeon shop, you can purchase 450 pieces of soul's number.
  • The price of the revolutionary group Sofunggwon of the special dungeon shop will be changed from 3,500 pieces of soul to 3,000 pieces of soul.
  • The price of the selection of the revolution of the special dungeon shop will be changed to 7,000 pieces of soul → 6,000 pieces of soul.
  • Special dungeon's reward will be improved.

 - Rubies consumed in re-entering special dungeons are improved.

Event Special Dungeon Added (Teo)

[Challenge to heaven! Dungeon Compensation Guide]

- Event Special Dungeon does not share the number of entries with the existing Special Dungeon.

  - Event Special Dungeon is only available once a day.
  - Event Special Dungeon will be initialized at 00:00 every day.

Regardless of the guild level, when the number of attendees exceeds 25 people, the awakening part will be paid.
* Before checking, please be aware that you will receive pre-improvement compensation when you receive guild attendance and compensation. (add to)

Other improvements

  - Combination system will have the ability to reclaim four-senna pets and four-lord summons.
  - Adjustment of the cost of changing general options for exclusive equipment (3 million gold → 1.2 million gold)
  - Guild Fellowship [Receive more than 100,000 siege points per day] achievements will be changed to achieve [achieve more than 100,000 Siege cumulative] achievements.
  - Drafts background is changed. (Add)

Guild Hero Hero (including all awakening rating)

  - Spike, Kris, Ryan, Kiriel, Karma, Kyle.

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