7 Deadly Sins Heroes Collaboration Event

7 Deadly Sins Heroes Collaboration

Period: 16/12/2016 - 29/12/2016
- Complete all missions to earn rewards
- Access via Meliodas icon at the top of home screen
Missions - Rewards:
1. Log-in during Deadly Sins collaboration - 5* Deadly Sins Hero selector
2. Level one Deadly Sins Hero to 30 - Rainbow cake
3. Power up one Deadly Sins hero 5 times - 5* Element selector
4. Evolve one Deadly Sins Hero - Pina
5. Transcend a Deadly Sins Hero once - Leah
6. Adventures 10 times - 4* Hero Selector
7. Adventures 30 times - Deadly Sins Hero's equipment (Random)
8. Arena 5 times - 5* Hero Selector
9. Do Deadly Sins special dungeon 3 times - Deadly Sins Hero's equipment (Selector)
- Mission 1 is completed automatically once you get into the game.
- You can purchase a Deadly Sins hero of your choice with 200 rubies from Hawk icon on the right of your home menu. It seems to have no limitation.
- Deadly Sins Heroes can be transcended by using Pina
- To access Deadly Sins special Dungeon, click on the White Dragon banner next to the regular daily dungeon, then tap on the right tab. You can clear this dungeon once per day.

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