Backstory Sebastian Awaken Seven Knights

Background story of Sebastian

4☆"Low-rank wizard" Sebastian

* Im graduate from a magic school because of my parents selfishness.. how can i get the job? Do i have to going on the tower of magic research? That pays me well.

5☆ "Black Socery Researcher" Sebastian

* Your spells ability are not good, compared to my senior from the tower. But you looks smart, so would you like to work(research) for me? - Velika

6☆ "Velika's assistant" Sebastian

* You looks smarter now... but you are completely weakling when you dont have your novel spell weapons. Find a way to amplifies my sorcery too - Silvia

6☆ Awkn "Keeper of Tower" Sebastian

* I almost died from transplant experiment for fragment of destruction.. By the way, the only way you greet me is with mountainous research paper, when i work up barely?? Is it possible???
Relationship :
Sebastian —→ Velika : you are my junior, but superior too
Sebastian —→ Sylvia : new Recruit
Velika —→ Sebastian : assistant
Sylvia —→ Sebastian : slave of research

Credits thanks for ur translation Sil Rest and Posted By Miki Tando

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