Detail Seven Knights Korean Server Update 16 Des 2016

Priority to introducing the update, to exploit the gaming system many soldiers are waiting for,
We will investigate it as quickly as possible and take notice in response by taking measures.
In the case of
I am sorry for the inconvenience inconvenient to use the game sincerely. (_ _)
In the case of
This update, at the Christmas, with new costumes
Improvement in match-field matching that many warriors waited for has been found ~
In the case of
Later, let's check the last update in December ~

■ [Berry Mary Eve] New costume 5 kinds limited sale

- Period: From after renewal of December 16 (Friday) until December 30 (Fri) 04: 00
- Contents: During the event period, [Berry Mary Eve] 5 new costumes will be on sale.

Costume Preview 

[Restoration of the shrine of Yu Shin]

[Silent Night Melkure]

[Mary party Victoria]

[Noel's starlight Ariel]

[Blessing Carol Yui]

Limited Edition Resale Costume

Improvement of Arena system

- The battle field matching condition is changed.
- In the past, if the evaluation of the battle is matched with the same opponent, after the change, the evaluation and the stratum are matched with the same opponent.
However, if the number of relative brave personnel in the same layer is small, it may be matched with the same evaluation partner.

※ Explanation of battle terms

■ [Combination] Add system combination list (dedicated equipment)
- Only the 'Skill Options' within the Combination System will be added to the exclusive equipment recall.
※ When using special equipment recall, 'Skill Options' is only available.
※ When you use exclusive equipment subclaim, general options and figures are obtained at random.

■ Other improvements
  - The popular hero rankings are updated.
  - The title screen and village background will change to Christmas images.

■ Guild Hero Hero (including all awakening rating)
- Son Gong, Evan, Chansler, Yeon Hee, Karma, Kyle

Cute christmas costume!
I ask for your love and interest.

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