[Introduction New Awaken] The First Awaken 4 Lord Wukong

[Introduction New Awaken] The First Awaken 4 Lords Wukong

Cutscene Episode 13 - Dawn of Darkness

The cut scene, episode 13, "Dawn of Darkness."

Fresh peaks "Sebastian" appears in the lower end portion of the newspaper which had!
Brave of you in this scenario has been expected for awakening of various heroes.
Ijon and repair, were we talking about a variety of hero that appeared in 10 territory such as the display and the Monkey King (Wukong)
Awakening of "Monkey King" was just ask for your spraying everyone on the extension of the scenario.

Goku is the first time two years later the hero emerged about the 'Seven Knights'.
Initially, the Byzantines appeared with new effects that alter ego warriors love to you
After a long period of time passed it difficult to take advantage of the emergence of various heroes
Proceed to remake several times and has sought to take advantage of Goku.
However, over a long period of time even the current Goku from "Seven Knights"
I think he is a little difficult to play an active part.

A 4 Lords "Monkey King" through this time of awakening
For the first time will be awakening "4 Lords" strength and worthy of the name that
It is scheduled to be prepared to receive a lot of love of the hero everyone.

The newly transformed into a first "four Emperor" awakening "Monkey King".

What am I going to come back we'll look at now.

(* inside and were awakening update schedule is not established performance of the skill
Mighty enemies with your balance through feedback and ongoing worries
If you believe that the problem may vary.)

Skill Description Standard Awaken Wukong

Translate Skill Description 

[KR Server] Wukong Remake - Awakened

Skill 1 80 secs
Attack 3 enemy with 170% Magic Damage Twice.
Additionally, reduce target turn based buffs 3 turns
Skill 2 80 sec
Attack 4 targets with 120% magical damage Twice
Additionally, always Critical
Reduce all damage to self by 50%, Everytime he uses 2 Skill 3 enemies receive 200% magic damage.
Additionally, When he dies, calls clones of himself (depending on empty spots) for 3 turns and comes back to life with 100% life.
Awaken Skill
Attack all enemies with 250% magic damage.
Additionally, Switches formation, Back to front and front to back.

Thank To Translation By 이수

Preview Skill Wukong

In the description below and we'll add to the overall skill against the intended configuration.

First, there is a unique lasting effect.

In the case of Son Wukong, applications that are primarily utilized is than used in aggressive combination
Because good is utilized in defensive combination, rather than the existing magic force amplification effect,
To damage reduced by 50% of the effect for all of the damage
It is scheduled to be configured so as to be often used in a more defensive role.
The vacancy magic force amplification has disappeared from immunity against further reflected damage
The effect of the magic damage to 3 enemies in his second skills attack
By newly granted, it is scheduled to be in as it is possible to fill the damage became shortage.
Followed by the case of the alter ego, the past, there were only 90% of the effect of the body,
Alter ego through the awakening is going to be to have a 100% of the effect of the body.

※ The effect of the damage for each second of the skill of the attack?

Yourself will be triggered further effect after using twice the skill.
(This effect is even more of alter ego is summoned will be calculated separately to alter ego.)
Hero that has the effect, in the case of their own is available technology ( "Monkey King" )

Skill 1, Skill 2, out of the awakening skills), regardless of the specific skills,
After what twice of using the skill was a skill has been carried out, it will effect is invoked.

For example, after Goku To explain it using one of the technology used at a time
You can use the "Devon wins blow" again, or as a "Skill 1" When the awakening skill is used,
Additional effect will be triggered.

It is to use skill to second.

If arousal before damage of "skill 2" is very high,
Since attack there was a defect that insufficient,
Through this time of awakening, now to increase the use of value by increasing the target 2> to three people.
Also increases further damage, instead of the through-effect
By all of the turn-based buff target is reduced between the 3 turn
Rather than a specific situation, it is expected to be able to more diverse utilized.

In the case of reasons such as "Devon wins blow",
Target 3 -> Change to 4 people, also increased in additional damage
Protective ignored effect is not, be utilized in defensive combination through a critical effect
When you fight an opponent to be aggressive combination
It is scheduled to be ready to be able to exert a stronger effect.

It is awakening skills to third.

Given a through effect in association with a powerful damage to all enemies,
To be able to attack a target of damage immunity
Giving the effect of replacing the front and rear of the hero of the camp type of new skills,
Or attack doing now the hero is located in the enemy rear,
While extruding the hero is located in the rear to the front, moody enemy to attack
It is expected to be able to take advantage of as a strategic effect so as to more easily attack.

※ The effect of alternating forward and backward of hero-shaped enemy lines?

Located in the rear of the enemy, in front of the hero as it is,
It is the effect of hero is located in the front to move directly to the rear.
Protection formation and attack formation changes rear are symmetrical to each other,
Balance formation of the basic formation is reversed are symmetrical to each other.
There is no movement of the heroes of the upper and lower positions, but will be changed left and right only are symmetrical.

Was the information of more than awakening "Monkey King".

Because it is the first of the awakening of the "four Emperor", we are preparing more carefully.
By reference to listen to all of the opinion of the mighty men of you,
In addition, so that you can show off to spraying everyone through more tests.

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