Introduction New Awakening Heroes Nata/Nezha

Skill Preview

Awaken Nata/Nezha

Skill Description Nata/Nezha Awakening

Passive Skill
1. Increase allies total defense by 50%.
2. Reduces her damage taken by 50% and reflects the reduced damage into the attacker.
3. "Her" basic attack will reduce "Enemies" awakening skills gauge by 10 seconds (applies to Speed/Counter attack). 

Skill 1 ( 75s )
Target 2 enemies (Highest Defense) with double 170% magical damage additionally penetrates through damage immunity & always critical. (Accumulated damage inflicted equals to 340% magical damage)

Skill 2 ( 110s)
Target all enemies with double 70% magical damage & randomly shuffle enemies formation, Additionally reduces buff timer by 2 turns. (Accumulated damage inflicted equals to 140% magical damage)

Target all enemies with double 1500 Fixed Damage, additionally reduce all enemies defense by 60% for 3 turns. (Accumulated damage inflicted equals to 3000 Fixed Damage)

Nata's Dedicated

Dedicated Eq "Special Option (random)"
if equipped by Awaken Nata 

- Critical damage 30%
- Weakness attack Chance 20% 
- *Skill1: applied (reduce enemies awaken skill gauge by 60% )

2 Komentar untuk "Introduction New Awakening Heroes Nata/Nezha"

  1. I completed all the questions on nezha awakened achievment but i didnt got her? Why?

    1. u don't get her?

      i got the Awakened Nata on 3 Account...

      Ryan 1 Account or every different account got random?

      Try again guys... Just simple

      Clear 5x Arena
      Win 5x Arena
      Play 20x Arena
      Lose 5x Arena

      If i Not Wrong Yisyis


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